Tuesday, February 20, 2007
My job is killing me
Okay, not really, but being back to work, even just half-time, is really wearing me out. Last week I took a nap every afternoon when I got home. I’m going to try to NOT nap this week. I got very little stitching done and what stitching I did do was on French Alphabet Sampler. I was just too tired to fiddle with changing projects. I’m trying to get myself into more of a normal routine this week and will be changing to Justine today when I get home. Maybe doing that will keep my mind off taking a nap! LOL No progress picture right now, but when I get home this afternoon and switch over, I’ll post a progress picture then.

Bandit is perfectly happy with me not being home as much. More sleeping time for him, but Harley is missing me. I can tell by the clothes she’s dragging out of the hamper. They’re all mine. I think it’s the perfume since it’s just my tops. She’s such a sweetie, even though I talk about her bad habits. Every morning when I get out of the shower she’s thrilled to see me like I’ve been gone all day. She will roll over and “ask” for her pink tummy to be scritched. Boss gave me 3 mylar helium balloons as a welcome back and she's having a blast dragging them around the house by the strings. Bandit is scared to death of them and will jump in my lap or hide under my desk when she gets to going with them.

Tomorrow is Husband’s 50th birthday. He’s like a good bottle of scotch and has aged very well. I’ve already given him his birthday gift, but we’ll probably be going out to dinner tomorrow evening.

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