Thursday, January 04, 2007
2006 Stitching and 2007 Delusions
Last year I called my goals “delusions.” I knew that I would never meet all my expectations, but I have to have something to reach for, but I was honest and knew I was deluding myself in obtaining as much as I set out. So, here’s what I said, and here’s what I did.

Stitch at least 365 hours next year! – Didn’t happen. I was really doing well until I took ill in March. From about April on I decided to quit timing myself.

Clear out some WIPs! - a few. I had the following on my list:

PV - July Quilt for all Seasons
SB – Dresser Drawer Heart – finished!
TW – Castle Sampler
TSL – Peace – still can’t find
Dimples – Haiku – stitched a bit
Mira – Garden Verses
Mira – Fairy Moon – stitched a bit
TST – Antique Elegance - finished

I did start over on The Token in January 14 and didn’t quite get it finished.

I also ordered the fabric and fibers for French Alphabet Sampler and will be starting it this month

Frame my finished pieces! – Didn’t happen.

Try not to purchase anything at regular price! – Actually did extremely well in this department! I even managed a small stash abstinence period, which I’ll repeat some time - maybe even more than once – in 2007.

My non-stitching goals - debt and my weight. Both my weight and debt are smaller than at the beginning of 2006. This will stay in my 2007 goals

My 2006 finishes:

2 Jan - Antique Elegance – Sweetheart Tree
29 Jan - Valentine Exchange
13 Feb - Quaker Bunny Fob
17 Feb - ABC Festonne' – Ru de Rhine
25 Feb - Cosima Motif
27 Feb - Laura's Quilt Square
23 Jul - Linda's RR
24 Aug - Strawberry Garden – Blackbird Designs
30 Aug - Cari's RR
16 Sep - Dresser Drawer Heart – Shepherd’s Bush
9 Oct - Carrie's RR
10 Oct - Folk Art Hornbook – Hillside Samplings
8 Dec - Melissa's RR

So, my 2007 delusions are:

Clear out some WIPs

* Make Castle Sampler my get-together piece
* Finishing PV - July Quilt for all Seasons
* Continue to hunt for TSL – Peace
* Continue on Dimples – Haiku
* Continue on Mirabilia – Fairy Moon
* Continue on Quaker Needlework Treasures – With My Needle

New starts for 2007 – the year of large new starts!

* Le Marquoir de Justine – starting today
* Mother’s Tree – TIAG
* My Son – Indigo Rose
* French Alphabet Sampler
* Spot RR
* Houses of Hawk Run Hollow – Carriage House – maybe
* Village of Hawk Run Hollow – Carriage House – maybe

There are also several smaller designs I want to start. We’ll just see how the year goes.

Frame, frame, frame!

Shop in Paris!
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