Monday, January 22, 2007
FAS Day 4
I managed to get more stitching than anticipated on FAS this weekend. It's coming right along :) I'm more than half-way finished with Page 1. I don't even want to know how many pages there are! LOL I'm happy to be just stitching along on it.

Thank you all so much for the many comments on The Token. It truly was a fun stitch. I started on January 14, 2006, and intended it to be a stitch-along piece. Melissa was also stitching a Long Dog Sampler design and since she comes to my house almost every second Saturday we decided to stitch our LDS designs together. Then when it was time for our group to get together I decided to use this design as my stitch-along piece and stitch the names of the stitchers who I was around at the bottom of the design when I finished. My major problem with this is that I tend to talk and not stitch at big stitch-togethers, so there aren't as many names as there are stitchers at the bigger stitch-togethers. This time around I'm going to have a much neglected and old WIP, Teresa Wentzler's Castle Sampler at my stitch-togethers, but I won't be personalizing it as I did The Token. As to what exactly it says "Wrought by Terri MaidenName LastName while in the company of Bandit [bone] Harley [heart] Melissa LastName [heart] Jill and Luke LastName [heart] Karen LastName [heart] Nancy LastName [heart] Darla LastName from January 14, 2006 to January 18, 2007"

Our house is in football mourning. Poor Saints. I knew when Chicago won last week that the Saints would probably lose this week because of the weather. I cannot believe how many turnovers were in the game. I'm also a Patriots fan of sorts, but I really can't stand Peyton Manning, so seeing him go to the Super Bowl is a major shot to my football heart. Looks like I won't even be watching the Super Bowl this year. I imagine Husband will be pulling for the Bears, if he watches, since he was born right outside of Chicago.

It's Monday with TW so as soon as I get home from class I'll be working on Castle Sampler.

Happy Monday, everyone!
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