Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Freckles on her butt she's pretty & FAS Day 2
I was too tired after running a few errands with Husband to change from French Alphabet Sampler to Castle Sampler so I continued to stitch on FAS yesterday. I love working on it. It's a huge project though and if I let myself think about how much more there is to do, I might put it away as a hopeless case! LOL Today I'm back to Justine.

It has been very cold here for our region. We're breaking record lows every night. This past weekend it was in the 20's 3 nights in a row and Husband didn't surf. I believe it was 30 at the beach on Saturday at 6:30. He went, but he and his buddies stood around talking and drinking coffee before they all called it a day. He didn't even bother going out on Sunday or Monday. Hopefully we'll get a bit warmer weather over the rest of the week so pipes can be repaired. If you like eating oranges and lemons you better enjoy them now because prices are already going up. A local market jumped overnight on oranges from $.98 to $1.49 a pound. And don't even get me started on avocados...which I love.

This is Harley being a good girl. This is the only time she's still. She's starting to get some more tiny black spots up her back starting at her tail, which you can barely see in this picture. We've just about got her signals figured out and she's just about got us trained.
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