Saturday, January 27, 2007
Justine Day 13

I managed to stitch on Justine for 4 days this week and made it completely across Page 4. It's becoming very hard to put her away for French Alphabet Sampler, but then again it's hard to put French Alphabet Sampler away for Castle Sampler. I guess this means I like all 3 of my current WIPs.

Here are closeups of the left and right side to better see some of the detail.

I just pulled a loaf of blueberry bread out of the oven. I'm headed to the shower and then intend to stitch the rest of the day away. Husband left the house about 30 minutes ago to head north with a coworker to attend an antique auto show. He's always been interested in restoring vehicles and his coworker actively does so. We don't have room to restore a vehicle here or I'm sure he'd be doing so right now. Okay, that's not completely true. He has a Jeep Wrangler that was in pretty sad shape when he bought he and he's slowly been bringing it into great condition, so I guess we do have room to restore on a certain level. What I'm interested in is a 1950-something pickup truck. I love old trucks and hope one day he'll take one of those on.

I'm 6 weeks post surgery. I have driven twice. Big whoop! LOL. I have my first doctor appointment this coming Thursday to find out when I'll be returning to work. I intend to ask for part time the first 2 weeks back. I'd rather not return to work at all, but we all know how that goes. As soon as I return to work I'll start planning my trip to Paris.
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