Thursday, February 01, 2007
Is January over already? (Feb goals)
Wow! I cannot believe the first month of the year is over. It flew by so fast for me. I was expecting it to kind of creep since I've been off work all this time. I can only imagine how fast it would have gone by if I had been working.

I set very few stitching goals for January. I didn't know how I would be feeling and there was no reason to stress myself out over goals, not that I really get stressed with my stitching goals.

January Goals

Finish Red Desert Scissor Pocket - Didn't even pull it out
Start Le Marquoir de Justine - yes, and I'm 40% finished with it
Get fabric ready for Spot RR in February - sitting right here beside me

February Goals

Continue with Le Marquoir de Justine Tuesdays thru Fridays when I don't have a RR
Continue with French Alphabet Sampler Saturdays and Sundays
Continue with Castle Sampler on Mondays
Stitch on Quaker RR on Tuesdays thru Fridays when it arrives
Stitch on Spot RR on Tuesday thru Fridays when it arrives

I was talking to Melissa on the phone yesterday and made a stitching confession. I hate finishing. I love ornaments and smalls, etc., but find I'm avoiding stitching them because I know they'll just languish in a drawer somewhere. I would rather stitch than spend the time getting my stuff gathered to finish off. I think this is the main reason I haven't gone back to stitch on My Stitching Treasures by With My Needle or even the Red Dessert Scissor Pocket. So, I'm going to start sending my stuff off to a finisher.

I have my follow-up doctor appointment this morning to find out when I return to work, etc. I have a couple of issues that I'm a bit concerned about so I'm kind of anxious to what Doc will tell me. I received an email from Boss yesterday wishing me good luck with my appointment and asking me to hurry back! He's even offered to get a cot for me to nap on! LOL

Thank you all so much for your very generous comments on my stitching and my babies. I appreciate them more than you can know.


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