Tuesday, January 30, 2007
FAS Day 7

Driving myself to school, parking in the back 40, and traipsing all over campus to take care of graduation stuff wore me out so much I didn't feel like switching over projects yesterday so I stuck with FAS. I am completely finished with the 1st page and only have 11 more to go! LOL I decided to stitch down instead of over because I've found a couple of places where I can switch the letters around and add Harley and Bandit into the sampler. Gotta add my babies! And I keep forgetting to say that I'm stitching FAS on 40 ct Elegant Bean using 1 strand of Vikki Clayton's OMG Red 1154 (formerly known as Heartwood).

Someone asked about Justine, which will be stitched on the rest of the week. I'm stitching her on 40 ct Vintage Maple Sugar (Lakeside Linens) using 1 strand of Vikki Clayton's conversion.

Speaking of Harley, I'm having 22 year old flashbacks. She is teething. Poor Sweat Pea has no teeth on the bottom and on the top she has one. When she's not sleeping, she's chewing on E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. She's getting her pointy nose now. The first picture is a very poor one of the first week we had her, when she was 10 weeks old. Now she's 16 weeks old and it's amazing how much she's changed.

And just so his feelings don't get hurt here's my sweet baby Bandit looking out the window by my desk making sure no other dogs are walking in his yard.
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