Wednesday, August 30, 2006
An afternoon with Harry Potter, a needle, and the camera
Thank you for the hugs. They're much appreciated.

I spent today with Harry Potter and friends while I finished up on a RR piece. As you can see the focus is a bit off, and that's exactly how I've felt all day. Snoozing and stitching. I feel a lot better right now though and am trying to decide if I want to continue stitching or if I want to veg for awhile.

While I'm posting pictures I might as well share some more from my office. This picture is of the pile that's sitting in front of my fabric/fiber cabinet. I need to sort it out and put it away. There's quite a bit in there that is going to be put up for sale, you just can't see it from this photo.

This is the unit that's to the left of my fabric/fiber storage. As you can see it's rather full, but is also unorganized. I can move things around to make a bit more room, but I don't think there's enough room to get what in the pile in the previous picture onto the shelves!

This is on the opposite side of the room. As you can see it's an identical corner unit with a 1/2 unit. I have my frog collection on top (since Bandit is determined to play with them) and some other things that I've collected over the past 3-4 years. The glassed in unit currently holds some quilting fabrics, finish supplies nd the chest for the Pennsylvania German Sewing Chest I received a couple of days ago. I will be putting more of my boxes in there as soon as I can dig them out from behind "the pile." You can also see on the wall part of the new shelves installed on Sunday.

This is the complete view of the shelves above my futon sofa. I have only been able to put a few things on them because the rest is buried (you got it) behind "the pile."

I'm not brave enough to photograph the wall behind me that contains the closet that has a full size chest of drawers bulging with quilting supplies or the other containers of my self-kitted projects. One day, maybe.
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