Thursday, February 22, 2007
FAS Day 10 & Puppies!

Okay, so I lied and didn't post a progress picture when I said I would. Nothing's changed since that day since I've been too pooped to stitch. While I did put FAS away, I've yet to pull out Justine. I'm doing that this evening though.

Here's the latest photo session of the puppies. Notice how they're always sitting on that green "sofa?" That's a futon sofa in my office where I obviously spend way too much time. They can't stand for me to be out of their sight.

The closeup of Harley shows her sticking out her tongue, which she's been doing a lot lately. It's a teeth issue. We've been finding baby molars around the house, and I even found one of her lower canine's on the bed. Her top canines haven't fallen out but the adult teeth have started coming in and she looks like an uber-vampire-dog when she bares her teeth. If they don't fall out by the time I have her spayed, I'll have them pulled by the vet.

Being photogenic is really hard work.

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