Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Happy Hump Day
March 1, WOW! The year is 1/6th over. Personally I can’t wait for the end of summer. I’m really hoping school will be a thing of the past for me then.

My doctor appointment yesterday went good and not so good. I saw my drug pusher and the vampires and was told by my doctor to join Weight Watchers. Sigh. But my blood pressure and heart rate were good. My toe is still hurting and is more purple/black today than ever. But that could be because I hobbled around Costco for an hour and a half last night. I was exhausted when I got home and my foot was killing me. I did NOT feel like stitching.

February was an extremely good stitching month for me. I managed to stitch 51.25 hours which is well beyond my expectations. I finished 4 things and still owe one happy dance picture (ABC Festonne’). I also managed to get through my rotation and even start over.

For March I’d like to continue the march on my rotation. If I make it to the end before the month is out I’ll be adding up to 2 new projects. I’m definite on one of them, Heart’s Content Pink Peony Fob and if I’m lucky enough the second one will be a With My Needle design of your choosing. I have one exchange piece to finish for The Shepherd’s Bush BB and I need to start my border and layout for my Quaker RR piece. I’m not holding my breath for March’s time to be that great though, since mid-terms are happening this month and I have a writing assignment to start.
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