Sunday, February 26, 2006
It's Sunday already, again!
I had a nice Saturday filled with various happy thoughts.

Husband and I left the house mid-morning for a trip to Michaels. For him! You’ve just go to love it when your other half is into a craft that takes you places you love to wander for hours. He’s rebuilding some soapstone chess pieces that I bought him the first year we were married (almost 25 years ago). He would keep the chess set out on our cocktail table and the cats would knock them off. A couple of pieces got broke, he got mad, and put it away. Now he works with someone who has shown him how to cast molds and he’s having a great time matching paints, etc.

I called Melissa on the phone and played in the scrapbooking department while talking to her. I’m making a stitching journal to send around with my Quaker Round Robin and I was getting her advice about the paper I should put inside. She took great joy in laughing at all my oooooing and aaaaaing over the pretty stickers, ribbons and papers I was fondling. I didn’t buy a single one of them though.

Next we headed to the mall and had lunch at Pat and Oscars. I love their breadsticks. After that we hit the Robinsons-May clearance sale and I scored a shamrock Fiestaware place setting and the grinder and shredder accessories for my Kitchenaide. They also had the Tassimo coffee makers marked 40% off and Husband tortured himself trying to decide if he wanted me to buy him one for his office (I still owe him a birthday gift). They had some knives that we’d been looking at but we felt they were overpriced even after the discount, so we trucked over to Bed, Bath and Beyond to compare prices. They were definitely overpriced.

On the way home Husband announced that I could buy him a case for his surfboard as a gift. Internet shopping here we come.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with him killing people and playing with his molding stuff and my stitching, downloading some French freebies, drooling over this site, drooling over this pattern and trying to decide what inner fabric to use, and working in my stash room (I love going through my stuff). I finished one of my quilt squares last night. Today I’ll start Laura’s.

The only running around today will be to the grocery store and then I’m hoping to get lots of stitching done with a smattering of laundry and Contract Law reading thrown in. Midterms are approaching. This term is flying by since my classes only meet once a week.

As to the class I’m looking at: It’s With My Needle, Ellen Chester’s A Needleworker’s Sampler Huswif on November 4, with the Quail Valley EGA in Walnut Creek. I did write to the point of contact on Ellen’s site, and I did get a response, but they had just received the date and didn’t have any further information. I mentioned it to Husband yesterday during our driving back and forth and he didn’t discourage me from going. So now I just need to wait on more information about the Ball. I have a lot of her stuff in my stash and will be stitching something in the near future. I cannot decide between Quaker Needlework Treasures (which I have fulling kitted) or Remember Me Sewing Pocket (which I think I have fully kitted) or one of her freebies. So many tough decisions - and that's just this designer!

Jo – I’m jealous. I love Merry Cox’s designs. She’s high on my list of the people I want to take classes from. I have several of her things in my stash.

Annette – I’d love to go to Toronto, but it won’t happen this year. I’m thinking stitching trips twice a year is going to be my max, but you never know! Besides October is too close to November.

Faith-Anne – I’m not going to stop blogging. This is my vent venue (and not all venting is bad, right?). It sounds like you and are on the same page. And I cannot believe your baby is 3 already!

start me, start me, start me
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