Friday, February 17, 2006
It's the real thing!
Friday. A day I’m thrilled to see in any given week, but especially today. While I was off yesterday, it was spent sitting around being very, very quiet and making sure everyone/thing else in the vicinity was very, very quiet as well.

Husband had LASIK on his eye again early yesterday morning. This time it was done by hand and was a little more traumatizing to his eye so when we got him home we pumped him full of pain/sleeping pills and tucked him in and I threatened Bandit, Son and all the chirping birds outside our bedroom window to keep it quiet. Bandit didn’t need much threatening as he’s always looking for someone to nap with, so he was pretty much a happy camper and stuffed under the covers with Husband all day.

I watched all 3 Harry Potter movies and lots of Olympics. I washed/dried 4 loads of laundry, did the dishes and stitched for 7.5 hours. I’m at the 20 hour mark on ABC Festonne’ and will finish it before the next 10 hours are up.

Today will be pretty much the same, except not as quiet! LOL Husband just left to drive himself to his follow-up appointment. Yep, he’s driving the next day. It amazes me how keeping your eyes closed can heal them so quickly. His eye doesn’t bother him this morning and he says he can almost see clearly out of it. Whereas the last time he had it done I had to drive him the next day because his vision was so bad. And it stayed bad for 3 months.

I’ll be venturing out to finish my food shopping for tomorrow’s GTG but other than that I should be doing lots of stitching again today.

Updated Nashville List

Already on the way:
Red Desert Scissor Pocket – Cat’s Whiskers
Feed My Soul Stitches Embroiderer 's Companion – Cat’s Whiskers
Something Blue – Brightneedle
Blackberry Fob – Sweetheart Tree
Don't Bug Me – Sweetheart Tree
Lavender Luminescence – Sweetheart Tree (backorder)
Folk Art Sewing Roll - Hillside Sampling

Still thinking on:
Lavender Rose Sewing Case and Accessories – Fancy Work
Prudence Wilcome – Carriage House Samplings
Tavern Signs – Carriage House Samplings
Tavern Signs Too – Carriage House Samplings
Cartouches – The Workbasket
Quaker Odds – The Workbasket
Christmas Guardian – Black Swan
Prize Your Liberty – Poppy Creations
Frost Flower – Just Nan
Peek-a-Boo Pin Cushion – Indigo Rose
Mary’s Pin Pillow – Indigo Rose
Bee Charmer – Indigo Rose
Lilybet's Scissor Keep - Lilybet
Needlework Garden Thread Pallet Case – Old Colonial Designs
Strawberry Garden – Blackbird Designs

9:00 a.m. update

Thank you for your comments on Husband. He is just now home from the doctor and is doing great. His spirits are 1000% different than the last time he had this done. He said he can see the TV's fine lettering and is really happy this morning. He'll be a much happier athlete now that his vision is better.

And the design I have scratched off, I've decided I really don't want it. I also am moving the Hillside Sampling design up to "on the way" since I broke down and ordered it this morning and have received confirmation that it's on the way.
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