Saturday, February 25, 2006
I have a new attitude
I was talking to a friend on the phone last night and I told her that after looking at the vendor list for the upcoming CATS I could not think of a single thing I wanted to purchase.  None of the classes even tempt me.  The only reason I’m going to Vegas is because I’ve never been to Vegas and Melissa will kill me if I try to back out!  LOL Not really, I’m also going to meet a couple of ladies I’ve known online for several years and to get in some really good stitching time.

However, I have been reading about upcoming classes being hosted several places throughout the US that I am very interested in.

Some of it probably has to do with money.  I used to think it was ridiculous to even contemplate flying all the way across country to attend a stitching something or other, but I look at what I spent at CATS Santa Clara last year and know that I could probably have gotten more for my $$$ had I taken one of the other classes offered by the various stitching guilds that bring designers in.  I would still have the airfare, hotel, food and class costs, but I wouldn’t have spent it on stash purchases.

There’s a seminar being offered the beginning of November in northern California that I’m seriously considering going to.  Right now the only schedule conflict I can think of is the Marine Corps Ball since the seminar is 6 days before the Marine Corps birthday and this far out there’s no clue as to when Husband’s unit will celebrate.  And for the first time, I’m interested in going because of the stitching, not because of who else might be there.  I have a “so what if I don’t know anyone” attitude about it, and that’s never how I’ve been before.

I’m waiting to see what the finished design looks like before I even broach the subject with Husband.  There are pictures out there; I just haven’t seen one yet.

So, I have a new stitching attitude. I think Laura’s death and some of the public sentiment afterwards really brought all this to the surface for me and forced me to look at things more honestly and because of this I feel like I’m retreating.  I know what from; I just don’t know how to put it in words.  I think I have a pretty strong circle of local stitching friends with the possibilities to make more in the near future, and I plan on focusing on nourishing that.  I only wish I could nourish more face to face than on-line, but I’m very glad I have the ability to talk to those friends every day by phone or Internet access.

Start me, start me, start me.
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