Friday, February 24, 2006
I have startitis
I know it has to do with the Market purchases I’m eagerly awaiting. I check the mailbox every day and question Husband almost as often to see if he’s checked the mail himself and put it somewhere I can’t find it! LOL It's probaby a good thing I work very far from home or I'd be stalking the mailman.

I have received one item so far. The Hillside Sampling’s Folk Art Sewing Roll. It is just TOO cute! I also have purchased the scissors that the Red Desert Scissor Pocket by Cat’s Whiskers was designed for.

You know that Mervyn’s commercial where that woman is standing at the front knocking on the door saying “open, open, open?” Well there’s a little voice in my head that keeps saying “start me, start me, start me” and it kind of sounds like her! LOL

Of course my startitis is not limited strictly to Market purchases. I’m also wanting to start Permin’s Museum Celle using a black Vikki Clayton silk and a turquoise Gloriana I already have in my stash. And I want to get started on the Quaker Round Robin I’m participating in. But I guess I’ll have to limit my stitching to the two quilt squares that need to get in the mail. Then I’ll start on the Shepherd’s Bush exchange piece that’s been floating around in my brain these past couple of days.

I think this should be Guilt Free 2006!

Start me, start me, start me.
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