Sunday, February 12, 2006
Nashville Shopping List
Lavender Rose Sewing Case and Accessories – Fancy Work
'Red Desert Scissor Pocket' – Cat’s Whiskers
'Feed My Soul Stitches' Embroiderer 's Companion – Cat’s Whiskers
Something Blue – Brightneedle
Blackberry Fob – Sweetheart Tree
Don't Bug Me – Sweetheart Tree
Lavender Luminescence – Sweetheart Tree
Folk Art Sewing Roll - Hillside Sampling
Prudence Wilcome – Carriage House Samplings
Tavern Signs – Carriage House Samplings
Tavern Signs Too – Carriage House Samplings
Cartouches – The Workbasket
Quaker Odds – The Workbasket
Christmas Guardian – Black Swan
Prize Your Liberty – Poppy Creations
Frost Flower – Just Nan

It’s growing by the hour. I really think there should be a requirement that someone is staying up at night and posting pictures and information about all the beautiful stuff I have to have (even though I haven’t seen it yet). I’m not impatient. Really, I’m not!

Husband and I are watching the shoot-out. So far I’ve hit the grocery store and gotten that put away, and am waiting on some chipotle shrimp to bake so I can have a shrimp po-boy for lunch. After the shoot-out we’re headed out in town to buy some new kitchen toys (Husband’s treat this time). We’re looking for a large Foreman-grill (the type with removable trays) and a kimchee jar. We had a plastic one that was melted in the dishwasher when Son was trying to help. I also want to head over to JoAnn’s to see if they’re carrying the Lanell scissors yet, that the Red Desert Scissor Pocket is for.

I’m almost finished with the first 10 hours of my current project, and then I’ll be back to the stealth project. After that I’ll finish stitching Laura’s quilt square.

I’m off work tomorrow as well and plan on stitching a bunch after an early morning hair appointment. I should have stealth project and Laura’s square finished by tomorrow evening. Then it’ll be back to my HAED QS, which is the first project in my rotation!
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