Monday, February 27, 2006
Alcohol related personal abuse
I just love it when a near perfect weekend ends in near disaster.

We were in and out of the grocery store in record time yesterday morning. When we were leaving cars were pouring into the parking lot. I got almost all the laundry done (and probably would have finished if it weren’t for the near disaster). I stitched for a couple of hours watching one of the most boring NASCAR races ever.

Then I made a killer supper. Perfectly grilled salmon, baked potatoes and steamed asparagus. What could be better than to follow it up with coffee oh, and why not add some Kalua to it? I walked around the end of the kitchen counter, went to move the ironing board out of the way (I had been working on my quilt squares) and lost my balance.

This ironing board is wonderful. It’s an old one that has thick metal legs which are so large I can just get my finger and thumb around them. It is heavy and you can I.R.O.N. on that sucker, not just press. It’s sturdiness is perfected by it’s height. Perfect for measuring and cutting stitching fabric and perfect for me to set up my tiny serger to ready same stitching fabric for, well, stitching!

Anyway when I lost my balance I swung my foot out to keep from falling and my foot made contact with one of those wonderful, thick, heavy, sturdy legs. I felt it hit, Husband heard it hit. I knew that any minute there was going to be lots of pain and I imagined myself hopping around on one foot saying all kinds of lovely words.

Instead when the pain did hit, I immediately broke out into a sweat and saw those lovely little black spots that precede passing out. So I bent over to put my head between my knees and looked. There was my poor toe already twice its normal size and turning purple. Yep, it’s broke. Again.

I sat with an ice pack on it for the Olympic closing ceremonies (and stitched) and when I finally went to bed I slept awful. Bandit decided last night it was my turn to have him by my feet, so I slept “protecting” my toe all night.

This morning I’m purple and throbbing, but I made it into work and all I can think of is when can I go home and prop my foot up. I’m wearing clogs since they have a very wide and stiff toe box, but I can tell my whole foot is a bit swollen because they feel tight across the instep.
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