Friday, February 10, 2006
I thought of so many things to blog about today
but now that I’m sitting here and ready to write them, I can’t think what they were.

I was swamped at work today, but it was a fun day at work. I think we were all so busy that it was be silly to stay sane day or something.

I think I ate dog meat today. I had the W.O.R.S.T. fake Japanese food today and I know that wasn’t chicken that I tasted. Blech!

For dinner tonight we had slipper lobster and Corona. Yummy!

Since I cannot remember what I was going to say, I’ll give a stash report instead. I’ve managed to purchase on sale for all except 2 things this year. One was for an exchange and one was a gift. My latest order was 25% off and contained:

Beardie Designs - Elegant Accessories; Elegant Pocket
Brightneedle - Small Samplings
Glory Bee - Flying Monkeys
Blue Ribbon Designs - True Love and Grace
Forever in my Heart - My Stash is Bigger than Your Stash
Prairie Schooler - D*E*F; V*W*X
Drawn Thread - Toccata 1; Toccata 2; Three Friends; Red Lace Sewing Case

I did NOT spend any money during the Super Bowl sales because I knew Nashville Market was coming up this weekend. Right now I have a shopping list that has 8 items. After Nashville I don’t plan on spending any money until CATS Vegas…baby!

So far the plans for the GTG for next weekend are going great. Only one person has said they cannot come and it looks like I’m going to meet 4 BB members I’ve never met before.

I guess it’s a good thing I couldn’t remember what I was going to blog about.

Oh and before I forget, thank you all for your kind comments.
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