Thursday, February 09, 2006
It's all in the timing
I didn’t go to class last night. We were swamped at work yesterday getting ready for a trial for Friday. Things to be served and filed at the last minute. Then the judge called and canceled trial on us and it was like a balloon was popped. I got out of the office late, and when I got in my car realized I didn’t have my bookbag. I seriously contemplated driving home to get it and then showing up at class late, but I was so mentally drained that by the time I pulled in the driveway I knew I wasn’t going to turn around and drive halfway back again. It was so nice to sit there and stitch uninterrupted for a couple of hours, except by the laundry timer.

I made a major *online* decision this morning - not that it will cause the world to cease turning or anything like that! LOL It was based on an online comment that I read this morning. Amazing how the online world can influence us by the friends we make, or don’t, and by the love we feel, or don’t.

I’ve become more active in my Shepherd’s Bush BB and have signed up for an exchange. I really want to get to know the ladies that post there a lot better and I know this is one way to do it. I’m also going to be learning how to make a tape measure holder. I’ve also obligated myself to a Quaker Round Robin through the Legacy BB that will last a year. I’ll be stitching with several ladies that I know personally and will be making a couple of extra new friends through it as well. I guess the one thing Laura’s death has made me realize is that I’ve shut myself off from the world for too long and I want to have more friends and good things in my life.

I don’t know where my head’s been lately. I didn’t even realize the Olympics were starting this weekend. And I forgot that NASCAR is back up this weekend as well. I did *know* that NASCAR started back in February, it’s just that time has gotten away from me. I used to be a calendar watcher, but have gotten out of the habit. I need to correct that before something serious gets away from me.

I’m really looking forward to next week. I’m off Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. There are 2 court holidays in there and 2 days that I’m taking off to take care of some personal things and recharge my mental batteries. I fully intend to stitch a LOT to take care of the mental recharging.

Next Saturday I’m having a birthday get together and I’m really looking forward to visiting with my stitching friends again. They are each beautiful women and I know my heart will be full by the time they have to leave to return to their own homes. I’m hoping a couple of ladies who have not been over will be able to join us.
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