Wednesday, December 28, 2005
A message from the sick ward
Thank you for the well wishes.  I’m continuing to feel better, Husband is not.  I continued the pill popping and orange juice swigging all day yesterday.  I felt well enough to tackle part of my kitchen and some laundry and seeing the house look a little better actually helped me feel better as well.

Husband came home early, drenched in sweat.  He and his boss have decided to re-do the conference room so he spent much of the morning sanding the walls, without using a mask.  This, of course, made him feel much worse than he was, so we got him stripped, showered and tucked up in his chair with Bandit and a blanket where they two of them napped the afternoon away.

Later in the evening I pulled out Fairy Moon and stitched for about 45 minutes on her before Husband suggested we watch a movie.  We watched Fantastic 4, which was okay.  Not something I’d buy, and I’m glad I didn’t spend the big bucks to see it at the theater.

I didn’t sleep through the night, but only coughed a little.  We were both restless, plus I heard Son cough last night and am now wondering if I’ve made him sick as well.

This morning?  Either the creamer is bad, or my taste buds are still shot.  Bleh.  Husband is off to sick-call where he’s hoping they’ll give him something, may be even xray his lungs.  He has had pneumonia several times, so I’m always worried about him getting it again.  I expect him home early again today, so am planning on hanging around the house.  My only real need to leave the house this week is to mail off my rebates for Son’s computers and to get my nails done, so that can wait a couple more days.

I’ve already started some laundry and am thinking of packing up some decorations.  Or maybe I’ll stitch!  There’s a thought.

Happy hump day.

Oh, and my last exchange piece was finally received in Malaysia and she’s thrilled with her package.
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