Saturday, December 24, 2005
Merry Christmas Eve!
Husband decided not to surf this morning. He had a physical fitness test on Thursday and he’s still sore from it. The waves are still pounding away here. We did go watch the surf this morning.

Since he didn’t go surf, I didn’t go to the Commissary until after we had done some other shopping. We always go to the World Market for stocking stuff since it’s so much fun to browse there. I love that place. We also went to Best Buy for some CD blanks for Son and I found the last bottle of Elle’s Pearls OPI polish in the State of California, on sale! I love that polish and if anyone just happens to be somewhere that sells OPI I’d love you forever if you found some more of it!

Son has been home most of the day. He’s gone to meet a snowboarding friend to lend him his boots and some other equipment so friend’s brother can go snowboarding with friend I Washington this weekend. We’re probably going to open gifts tonight. I’m so excited!

I’ve spent the better part of the afternoon in my office sorting through my charts and kits, adding them to my spreadsheet for 2006. I’ve created worksheets for Started, Kits, Charts, Flag Charts, Smalls, Samplers, and Samplers with Flags. I’ve randomized each spreadsheet and will be deciding what I’m stitching this next year that way. I’m not ¼ of the way through my stuff and already have 175 things entered. I’m eventually going to add in a Magazine worksheet as well.

I decided to take a break and went in to bake a couple dozen chocolate chip cookies a bit ago only to find Husband on his hands and knees scrubbing our kitchen floor! Got to love a man who’ll surprise you like that. Now I’m waiting on the floor to dry so I can start the cookies and put some sausages on to cook for our picnic tonight.

Bandit has had his first bath in 2 weeks and is curled upon his fur watching me type. He says Merry Christmas. He’s excited too, since he’s sniffed out the liver treats Santa will be bringing tonight.

Merry Christmas!
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