Sunday, December 25, 2005
Merry Christmas!
Gifts were opened last night and today will be a very relaxed, lazy day. I woke not feeling 100% and am determined to NOT become sick. Tomorrow is shopping, darn it!

Son was stoked with his presents. He made out like a, well, bandit! LOL A new desktop computer, nano-pod, season pass for snowboarding, and a couple of other small things.

Bandit was thrilled with his new toy and liver treats and is worn out from playing and taking his mid morning nap.

Husband is happy with a new wet suit for surfing, an Alabama Crimson Tide golf towel to smear mud all over, a car charger for his new Razr phone and a surfing dictionary (which will have to be returned because the boob bought one for himself on Christmas Eve! LOL).

I'm in Starbuck's heaven with a gift card :) I'm one of those people who likes to get her Christmas the day after during all the great sales, so I'll report on the rest tomorrow. There is at least 1 purse in my future.

The only thing that's come out of my kitchen, so far today, is cinnamon rolls. However, as soon as the 'publish post' button is pushed that will change.

Because I'm not feeling 100% I've pared today's menu down to:

baked honey ham
country green beans
mashed red potatoes and gravy
broccoli and rice casserole
apple pie
pumpkin pie
vanilla bean ice cream

And may I ask for aChristmas gift from you?

If you have a family member that is living very far from home, call them today. Even if you only last spoke to them last Christmas.

Hugs (and I love you, too, Melissa!).
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