Monday, December 26, 2005
The fat lady will sing tonight
Something is happening tonight that makes me sad.  An era will end - a tradition that goes back as far as I can remember.  Monday Night Football will end.

I’ve been a sports fan long before it was “cool” for girls, who were not tomboys, to enjoy such things.  There was a time when I could quote stats with the big boys, but as the years have gone by I’ve had other things that have kept me from filing such precious information away in my brain, to bring out at the water cooler when the guys are replaying the games the next day.

I have my favorite teams that I cheer just a loudly for during their 0-14 seasons and their 14-0 seasons.  I also have the teams that I boo and hiss.  I’ve always been a Houston Oilers and New Orleans Saints fan.  I grew up in Houston and Shreveport.  I cried the day the Oilers moved to Tennessee, but I supported them as long as they remained the Oilers.  The day they changed their name to Titan, I no longer cared what their season held for them.  When the Texans were born, there was much rejoicing and buying of sportswear in my house and I was tickled to death to sit in the nosebleed seats in San Diego and watch them lose to the Chargers.  Speaking of the Chargers, I support them too since I believe in supporting “my” local team.

BUT, I cannot stand the Dallas Cowboys and this has made me an “outcast” in my family, including my husband!  LOL  I added Pittsburgh Steelers to the yuck list when I got to know Terry Bradshaw personally.  One player can make or break my decision to support a team. That includes the sportscasters.

Take for instance Howard Cosell.  OMG!  I hated that man!  LOL  I was in love with Dandy Don, that handsome fella, and thought Frank Gifford was a boob (never thought much of his wife either).  MNF made a huge mistake when Dennis Miller moved in and started chiding Dan Fouts, but they quickly came to their senses and canned him.  Other favorites, through the years, were Alex Karras, Joe Namath (faint!), Dan Dierdorf and John Madden.  Those that I think they could have done without were OJ and Al Michaels.  Others, who I had forgotten about, were Fran Tarkenton and Boomer Esiason.  I’m sure they did their job well; they just didn’t make much of a memory impression upon me.

So tonight I’ll watch the Jets and the Patriots (go Pats!) and will probably cry, because I know they’ll show some history, and say farewell to something that most girls probably could care less about.
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