Wednesday, December 21, 2005
You can’t judge a gift by its wrapping paper
My office Christmas "party" was yesterday.  We went to a lovely little bistro type restaurant where the food was excellent.  3 people had already eaten there and highly recommended it.  I'm glad we took their advice.  Spouses were invited and Husband and I ordered differently so we could try each other’s food.  We will definitely be returning.  I had a rigatoni with spinach and 3 different sea-foods (salmon, shrimp and lobster) and Husband had grilled salmon with I don’t remember what else.  Desert was scrumptious as well.  I had a vanilla bean crème brule and Husband had a “sundae” that contained caramelized banana, Mexican chocolate ice cream, brandied blueberries and it was to die for!  He was lucky he didn’t have to leave the table!

We did our gift exchange.  It’s always funny to me to predict how certain people will act about certain gifts.  C, who is the stingiest person I’ve ever met in my life, who won’t buy something unless it’s 50% off of 50% off, and on the out of season rack, fought like a madwoman for a gift card to Nordstrom’s.  I almost wish I were going to be staying at the office to hear her whine and complain about how she got a bum gift because she can’t find anything that she won’t have to spend her own money on.  Second thought, no I don’t.  I do plan on calling D after the holidays to ask her though.

One of the attorneys is a real funny guy.  He told everyone that he was going to wrap a $20 and that’s exactly what he did!  In a huge box.  

With the exception of one gift, they were all nice gifts.  Last year there were a couple of disappointments, but I think everyone left happy with what they got.  I ended up buying several small jars of fruit salsa, some dipping pretzels and some organic blue corn chips and made a gift basket in a peach basket.   I was thrilled with who ended up with it because I know she loves that type of stuff.  Her husband even made a point of telling me that it was an excellent gift.  Proud me!

I received a beautiful candle with a beaded candle ring, but I’ll probably re-gift it since I only use scented candles in my home.

Yesterday was the first day all month that I didn’t stitch any.  I went in to work early since there was no work after lunch so I could have some hours on my last paycheck.  I should not have worried.  Boss gave me a Christmas bonus.  It was such a surprise!  D and C were sitting across the table from him and he slid envelopes over to them and since they were talking they never noticed until they got up to leave after he was gone.  He came over to me and wished me Merry Christmas and good luck at my new job and told me to go shopping and handed me an envelope.  I figured if bonuses were given out I wouldn’t get one, or know about it, since I wasn’t going to be there anymore.    

The restaurant was one block down from my LNS :D  and yes I stopped in there on the way home.  I exchanged my bell pull hardware, purchased the fiber rings and that was it.  I did browse, but wasn’t tempted since I didn’t have my wish list.  I was NOT about to spend my bonus on cross-stitch stuff.   I think I need a new purse!

Oh and Jill, I didn’t see your note until after I got home.  Sorry.
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