Tuesday, December 27, 2005
I fought the mall...
…and the mall won.  Actually, I never made it to the mall.  Husband woke up with my funny little tickle yesterday morning.  I immediately pumped OJ and pills into him.  I didn’t want him to feel like I did, after I ignored it Christmas morning.  Then we headed out.  We ended up stopping at Mervyns and bought some flannel sheets and a blanket for our bed, some underwear for him, and a boucle jacket and blouse for me.  It was a great sale and I think we saved $60+.  I found some great shoes, but ended up not getting them since they felt a little tight and they didn’t have a ½ size larger.  I know they might have stretched since they were leather, but I just didn’t feel like taking the chance.

Next we headed to Barnes & Nobles to exchange Husband’s book.  We wandered around for about 30 minutes and I talked myself out of a paperback and calendar.  Husband got a surfing book.

Then home.  We tried to convince ourselves that we felt like going to the mall, but we were both feeling kind of blah by then and I was hungry.  Nothing sounded good, so we went home and had soup, and took a 3-hour nap.  Blah.

We laid around the house all afternoon popping pills, drinking OJ and snoozing.  Both of us slept restless last night, but we both feel better this morning.  Husband went to work; I slept in until 8.

I had some things I wanted to do today, but I may just laze about again today.  I still haven’t stitched, but I think my hands are un-stiff enough to do that today.

I feel like I get sick every Christmas!
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