Thursday, December 22, 2005
I'm wishing my life away
I’m ready for tomorrow to get here.  It’s my last day at my current job and I’m looking forward to a full week off.  Surprisingly I have been swamped at work this week.  We’ve had some huge filings with the court and it’s taken 2 of us to get them out.  I still haven’t trained D on the loan stuff, but I’ll only be a phone call away.

I’m ready for Christmas Eve to get here.  Husband and I always go out to the mall and walk around.  We get pleasure out of people watching and it’s fun in an evil sort of way to watch everyone run around buying presents at the last minute.  We also have a finger-food picnic on Christmas Eve under our Christmas Tree.

I’m ready for Christmas to get here.  I’m excited for Son to open his presents from us and I have a surprise for Husband that he’s going to get a good laugh out of.  I love cooking large meals and since there are only 3 of us, Thanksgiving and Christmas are fun for me.  I’m always exhausted at the end of the day but it’s a good type of tired.

I’m ready for next Monday to get here, so I can go shopping!  I think the day after Christmas is the best shopping day of the year.  I buy presents that don’t need to be returned (unless they’re broken) so I don’t have to stand in that line.  We usually go out as a family and have lunch together.  This year I cannot think of a single thing that I want to look for.  Last year I was looking for a leather coat and got a great deal.

I want the Friday before New Year to get here since Husband and I are planning a day trip up into the mountains for some snow and fresh baked apple pie.

I’m ready for December 31 to get here.  I’ve been working on my 2005 wrap up and 2006 stitching goals and am trying really hard to not post them until December 31 and January 1.

And I’m ready for January 3 to get here.  That’s when I start my new job and I’m nervous and excited.  I also want to find out what the policies are for taking time off so I can start planning my trip to Vegas CATS in April!  LOL
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