Friday, December 16, 2005
I have received a job offer
The employment attorney I interviewed with last week has called and offered me the job. I admit that when I had not heard from him by yesterday, I figured he had offered it to someone else, so I was a bit flustered on the phone. I asked if I could call him on Monday with my decision and would also let him know then when I could start. I did think to ask if I could work part-time for a couple of weeks and he has no problem with that. I'd be a fool to not accept the position. He is offering to start me at the minimum salary I requested which more than doubles my current salary and the position meets an employment goal of mine. I'm scared to death of working full time, getting to class on time, getting homework done and keeping up with my home.

My heart is racing, I'm so excited and nervous. Now I need to call Boss and give notice and prepare my letter of resignation. I'm really sad about this part. Boss has been a tremendous help and given me a lot of support while I've been in school. I would love to work for him forever, however visions of paying off credit card debt and saving up to buy a house are floating in my head and I know it's time for me to move on.

Before that phonecall I was trying to make up my mind about going out this afternoon and doing some errands and picking up a couple of small gifts for Husband, but now I know I need to get it done, plus look for a couple of things for work.

The shallow side of me is really looking forward to being back in the financial comfort zone I have previously enjoyed. I have been so tired of scraping by on my tiny paycheck and my pride has prevented me more often than not from asking Husband for money for things.

Think of the stash I can buy! Just kidding, but only because I don't have any room to put any more!

I haven't stitched much the past couple of days. My stitching plans for this afternoon are out the window with the shopping I'm going to do. Husband and I will go out to dinner tonight, plus we have to go shopping in the morning. Tomorrow afternoon Melissa is coming over and I'm hoping to get in touch with Jill to see if she can come too. Perhaps I'll get a lot of stitching done then.
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