Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Should my feelings be hurt? and an Enabling Alert
Thank you all so much for your congratulations! There are more comments about my grade than my stitching and I'm trying to decide if my feelings should be hurt! LOL

I walked around with a huge grin on my face all day yesterday. I still can't believe I got an "A." This was the one class that I went into fully expecting a "C" and would have been thrilled with a "B." I was warned by those who went before me that it would be the toughest class I took in the program and they were not kidding. I have a strong paralegal background and struggled, so I cannot imagine what it must have been like for those who took it during their 1st term. The class started out with 36 students and less than half were left in the end.

I only had a needle in my hand for 2 hours yesterday. I'm almost finished with the beading on the moon. Man is it tight! Since I use qsnaps to stitch I probably will not bead anymore until I've completed the stitching.

I have handi-clamps that I use when beading large projects since I feel they protect the beaded portions of the fabric better. They're a bit clumsy for me though since they're as wide as my fabric and I don't use them all the time. I supposed I should use a stand for beading to take the weight off of my left arm, but it's hard to change the stitching habit you've had for 25+ years.

Enabling Alert x2!!!!! Have you seen the new collaberation sampler, A Most Noble Pursuit, that will be released in Nashville? This will be my first 2006 purchase. In fact, I've already pre-ordered it. I'm going to hold off on the fabric (which I probably already have) and the fibers. I'm hoping Vikki Clayton will create a conversion with her lovely silks since I love stitching with them.

Oh, and check out this! I buy myself something for Christmas every year, and haven't even looked this year. I found it last night. I'm a member of Legacy Embroiders Guild and one of the members has published a scrumptious design. Meet Industrious Ladies.

The top verse reads:

"Industrious Ladies, did you ever know,
the wonderful legacy you would bestow,
as you sat with your needle, quietly to sew?"

The names under the verse are sampler "designers" from 1500 through 1800.

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