Tuesday, August 23, 2005
School day, schools days...
Why do they made the breaks between spring term and summer term, and summer term and fall term, so unbalanced? There's a whole month in between when spring term ends and summer term begins, but there's only 1 week from when summer term ends and fall begins. You'd think they'd balance it out a bit more! Of course it doesn't affect the administration the way it does the students since they only close down the administrative offices for a week or two sometime between spring and summer terms.

My first class is tonight from 8 - 10 p.m. I feel tired already just looking at the times! LOL It's Elder Law and I sure hope it's an interesting class or I'll be having to drink copious amounts of coffee to stay awake in the end. The book is small, about 1/2" thick, but I have't looked at it yet since it's shrinkwrapped and stamped with the dire warning to not open it until you've decided to stay in the class or you won't get a refund. I plan on staying in the class, boring or not, since I need the elective credit, and since all of our family members are getting on toward "elderly" I want to be educated in that area for them. I have a real soft spot in my heart for "old" people and it gets me riled to hear of them being mistreated and taken advantage of. I want to make sure that doesn't happen to anyone I love.

I got my unofficial paralegal degree transcripts yesterday. I have a 97% overall. I need to figure out the GPA. I'm thinking of submitting an application to the honor society so I can get a gold seal on my diploma.

I'd better answer some comments before I quit getting them:

Christine, my designing is just for exchange gifts right now. Nothing but scribbles on a piece of paper, but as soon as the item is stitched and put together, I'll share a photo of it here :)

LeliaEvelyn, thanks for your comments. As to A Present for Sewing Well, I haven't decided on a fiber. There are so many beautiful over-dyeds out there, and I'll probably go with that. I need to go to my LNS and have a look in real life at some of them. Get your needlebooks done, girl! I love them and have plans in the very near future for one as well :)

I stitched for 2.1 hrs yesterday and almost finished July Sings. I was so tired last night though that I went to bed early (9:45) instead of staying up to finish it. I've stitched 3 times the amount of last month and there's still a whole week to go! I'm determined to not let school stop me from stitching this term. I'm kind of on a roll, and don't want to lose that.

FLYing is helping. I have ADD and can easily get overwhelmed by life so I've always been a timer person, which I think is why I enjoy timing myself stitching, so it's second hand to me to set the timer and get things done. I'm in the declutter the hidden parts of my house stage...the closets, pantry, my dresser drawers, linen closet. Fun stuff is hiding there that I've forgotten about. My garage sale pile is growing - I know, we're not supposed to garage sale ;)

Oh, and work yesterday was interesting. My chair is a used one Boss brought from somewhere and it's nice. Of course whoever used it before me must have had legs a mile long because when I first sat in it my toes barely touched the ground. I need to adjust it more because I felt like it was trying to tip me forward out of the chair all afternoon! LOL I've been told the typewriter is going to stay where it is, which is in my teensy area, and Boss told me he's working on getting me a computer. There's no breath holding going on since they're major procrastinators (frightening since they're attorneys).

D and I walked out together yesterday and she said something to me about working fulltime. Seems she told Boss quite a while back that she wanted to try to work full time. She was upset when she found out that I was only told last Thursday. She said she felt uncomfortable saying anything to me and I told her she should have, that I would have told her if it had been me. She also told me that she needs the money since she's been just barely scraping by and her husband is wanting to retire in 9 years. They are travelers and have been several places in the year I've been there. She also told me that it's been about 20 years since she's worked full time.

I was given a couple of new issues on my construction cases yesterday. I took over D's computer while she was in a meeting with Boss and whipped out what I thought were some draft pleadings for Boss to review and revise (on his own computer, since we're networked). Imagine my surprise to be told they were great and get them out....he had signed my drafts! Woohoo! I also typed letters to some clients on the typewriter! I had D print me out some letterhead and away I went. I got a couple of strange looks, but I figure if they're going to leave the typewriter at my desk then I'm going to use it. It means a bit more copying, but hey! A girl's got to do what a girl needs done!
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