Sunday, August 21, 2005
A day well spent
It was a good Saturday. I got most of my housework accomplished earlier than expected and had a good sit and stitch while waiting on a friend to come over. The two of us talked a great deal about….stitching! LOL I managed to clear up almost all my desk while we chatted and will have very little to do today to finish it up. Oh and by the way, she is a horrible enabler!

Today will mostly be spent in putting things where they belong, since almost all the stash I own is, again, on the floor in my office. Of course the piles are almost neatly stacked according to where they need to go, so hopefully it won’t be an unpleasant task. I still have the two old stash cabinets in the hallway and I’m hoping to reduce that to just one and get the other moved to the garage (or maybe even the storage room).

They’re for sale if any of the local gals are interested. I paid $190 each for them and would like to sell them for $100 each.

When I asked him for a final trip to Ikea next Saturday Husband reminded me that he was leaving town for a week on next Sunday. I guess I sort of figured the trip had been canceled since he hasn’t mentioned it again since the first time about 2 months ago. Rats. I’m still hoping we can make it to Ikea on Saturday. The worst part of his leaving is that I have to have him to the airport by 6:00 a.m. At least the traffic will be nil.

Yesterday’s mailbox held my order from Wyndham Needleworks: Long Dog The Token, fabric for Mary Garry’s A Present for Sewing Well which is only about 3" wide, and Mary Garry’s freebie Sew & Sew. I still have some stuff due from Stitching Bits & Bobs, those open auctions (which I’m slowly being out bid on), 2 spools of silks from Vikki and a couple of books.

Nothing exciting today. Yippee, that’s exciting in and of itself. A trip to the grocery store, some laundry, my stitching and Aragorn, a pot-roast and some rice pudding fragrant-ing the house. What better way to spend a Sunday? Tomorrow is the start of fall term and I’m going to revel in my nothingness today.
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