Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Tuesday trifling things
I got an "A" in Torts! Yay me! (okay, that's really not trifling)

I booked my hotel for Santa Clara CATS. Yay me!

I stitched for an hour last night on my QQX piece. Yay me!

I'm working the morning shift today so I have off from 1:00 today until 1:00 tomorrow.

I'll be booking my plane reservations this afternoon for CATS! Yay me!

I still need to decide if I'm going to take the Liz Turner-Diehl class.

I received some items I ordered this past week (boo, me!) in the mail yesterday. Elegant Stitch's This Too Shall Pass pin keep and scissor keep kits; Cosmos and some silks for an exchange piece from Vikki Clayton's site; my first SANQ (by subscription - is it normal for the subscription issues to be so skinny?); and something else that I cannot remember right now. I have one more LNS order a LQS order and a couple of auctions outstanding and then THAT'S IT! No more spending until CATS.
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