Friday, August 19, 2005
Yesterday afternoon was awful so I didn't sleep at all well last night, but it's also because of Husband (he has sinus troubles). I have craters under my eyes. I feel like crying, but I haven't.

About 15 minutes before closing time Boss called me in for our daily conference. Normally this is done as soon as the mail's come so he can toss things at me, update me on what's happened since the day before, etc. He was waiting on his 4:30 appt, which called in late because of traffic, and said he wanted to talk to me about a few things. I jokingly said "do I want to hear this?" Well, I didn't.

The first words out of his mouth were "I want to reorganize the office." Next is "D wants to start working full time." Something about she wants money for something. I focused in on "reorganize" and "D" "full time" and didn't hear the end of that sentence. Seems I'm to be the one to do the reorganizing. He wants me to gut his office. He's wanting to get out of litigation, has for awhile, but hasn't had a chance to talk to me about it. Hello! I've been there a year....TODAY! He starts talking about wanting to only do business stuff (I clarified he was talking about LLCs...yuk!), trusts, wills, that sort of things. Then sort of tosses in "I guess I'd have to do some litigation, though, wouldn't I." I told him I hated to hear that since I loved the litigation part of it. Of course he knows this since he's given it all to me for the past several months.

So I asked. Point blank. "Are you trying to tell me I'm losing my job?" And his answer was "Did, I say that?" Just like an attorney to not give a straight answer.

I told him he was to quit beating about the bush and just tell me straight out so I'd know where I stood, and oh, by the way when did she want to start full time....Monday (as in 3 days from today) and no you're not losing your job, I have special projects for you.

I remember saying something like, well, that's nice considering that tomorrow makes one year that I've been here, and I guess now's not the time to ask you for my annual review and discuss my raise? No..ha ha ha. Sigh.

He goes on to tell me what all he wants pulled from his desk, bookcases (2 walls full), get rid of all his law books, etc., how he wants his files set up and oh, by the way, you're taking over the construction cases.

Me...ok, but there's only 2, what happens to me when they're over....

Him, don't worry, there will be more. And you're to bill for all your time doing this reorganization as well.

Where am I supposed to work? D and I share a desk and computer?

Well there's that desk (the tiny one in the corner that's got junk dumped all over it).

You mean the one that doesn't have a chair? What am I to sit in? You realize that doing the files the way you want them will bulk them up and you barely have room for the way they are now.

Yes, I know. You'll figure something out.

I'm still sitting there kind of numb and it's after 5:00 and believe you, I'm billing him for that first!

I stitched for 3 hours yesterday. All but .9 of that was after work. I needed it. I've been awake since before 5 this morning, laying there thinking I'm about to lose my job. I love my job! I just bought plane tickets for CATS! Why couldn't he have told me this before that considering I told him I was about to spend the money on airfare and hotel.

There's a very tiny (evil) part of me that thinks losing my job and just going to school would be a good thing. My CC balances are telling me differently. I really need to get the paranoia monster under control.

And to end on a positive note, here's what arrived in my mailbox yesterday. They're fat quarters I'm going to be incorporating into smalls. They're so beautiful!

I still have some Vikki Clayton silks, some more quilting fat quarters, a small order from Wyndham, my market order from Stitching Bits & Bobs and some open magazine auctions at the Bay of Evil that are expected. And 3 of my magazines auctions sold on eBay. Woohoo! (is 3 out of 5 good?)
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