Saturday, August 20, 2005
Stitching is therapeutic
It truly is. All aspects of it – stitching it, organizing it, fondling stash, designing (yep, I’ve started to design), blogging about it or talking to a stitching friend.

I spent part of Friday morning organizing more of my stash. I fondled my Silk Mori Milkpaints while entering them into my Organized Expressions. I’ve decided to store them separated by #s (100, 300, 400, etc.) in a duplicate slide box like what I have my Kreiniks in. It’s so pretty seeing all the colors grouped together.

I’ve just dumped my Vikki Clayton silks into a little drawer for now. I need to figure out how to organize them, since their growing daily. They’re a bit of a challenge because of the way they come. Thinking, thinking, thinking.

Aren’t those fabrics wonderful! Wait until you see what arrived in yesterday’s mailbox. The fabric I showed you Friday was purchased from Aunt Lenie’s Attic on eBay. I love her little store. They are Moda fabrics “Buttercream and Figs” and “Sweet Romance,” which are Blackbird Design fabrics :)

As to the designing, I’m currently creating a design for an autumn exchange I’m in on the SBEBB. I have these wonderful autumn colored fibers I want to use and cannot find anything I like, so I’m creating my own design. I can’t tell you what the finished piece will be until it’s received by it’s recipient (Hi Melissa!). Anyway I have some 16 squares per inch graph paper and I’ve started creating little motifs on it since it works out to be 32 ct fabric. Little designs keep popping in my head. One of them is so cute and furry. Oops, don’t want to say too much. I’m also trying to design a Bandit motif, but I cannot get his skinny waist to look right.

Now about work…there are a lot of job openings here for paralegals, legal assistants, legal secretaries, and receptionists for law offices, BUT the majority of them (98%) are full time or they’re downtown. I need to stay part time so I can devote to my studies. I’m in the final stretch of school, which means my coursework is heavier now than it’s ever been. If push comes to shove then I’ll start applying for every single opening there is, nearby. I cannot work downtown since there would be no way I could make it to class in time. It’s too far away.

Yesterday when I got to work D didn’t say a word to me about the changes, but made a point of telling me that she spent a good part of the day cleaning her desk area. She completely reorganized the top and I noticed quite a few things missing that had been there when I left Thursday. I didn’t say anything about that but her to have a nice weekend in case she was gone when I came out of Boss’ office.

Then I walked into Boss’ office with a legal pad and sat there for 30 minutes writing down things he wanted done in just his office. I made him prioritize it before I left, because he and I sometimes differ on what we think needs to be done first and I didn’t want that happening in this instance. We did not talk about the law books but we did talk about some other things that have been stored on the shelves, nor did we even discuss the files. We did talk again about a chair for me and I told him I would appreciate a few basic organization tools for my “new” desk. He gave the okay. I told him that I was spending the first part of my day cleaning off that desk because it has been the office dumping ground.

I pulled out a rather large pile of hanging folder tabs, file folder labels, etc., that had just been thrown on top of a 2 drawer rolling cabinet that I planned on using, because the desk is so small it doesn’t have any drawers attached to it.

I pulled it out from the desk and found another huge pile of stuff that had been pushed off the back of the desk onto the floor and was being hidden by the rolling cabinet. So I hiked up my white pants and crawled under that desk and cleaned that crap out. I dumped it all in the middle of the office area where everyone had to step around it….isn’t that subtle? Boss came out and started going through some of it (old manuals, etc.,) and tossing stuff away. I really didn’t feel like I should have to sort it since it had all been before my time.

After that was “cleared” I pulled the bottom drawer of the rolling cabinet out and discovered that the bottom of the drawer had come out. I cleared the drawer out and asked Boss to get his handy hammer and some nails to fix it for me. Well, he broke it…worse. As in 5 pieces worse. So it was placed in the trash pile, along with the main cabinet part, for the evening cleanup crew and I don’t have any drawers at all for the desk. Boss says there’s another rolling cabinet in our storage, but since Son does our storage runs we’ll have to wait a bit because he’s in class and working all day every day next week.

After the drawer fiasco Boss gives me some pleadings that need to be filed with the court and served on opposing counsel but hasn’t signed them since he wanted me to proof them first. I finally get that done, and asked him to sign them before he leaves. He mentions that they can wait until Monday and I remind him that if he wants ME to do them I’ll have to do them today since starting Monday I won’t have a computer. Oh yeah!

We also talk about another attorney he knows (I’m acquainted with her and have talked to her on the phone quite a bit recently). He mentions that she’s going back into practice on her own. She does bankruptcy. He reads to me a reference letter he's written for her because she's trying to do judge pro tem. It was a great letter and I tell him that when the time comes I hope mine sounds half as worthy. Then I asked him if he knew if she needed a part time assistant. He signs the papers, said something like “I don’t know” and then he leaves.

I washed the desk down the best I could with hot water and paper towels. Boss calls a little later and tells me to tell the other paralegal not to buy a chair for me that he’ll take care of it. I remind him I need a stapler for my desk and he tells me to go and buy it, since he’s taking care of the chair. Then she and I searched the supply closet and couldn’t find anything in it for my desk. We even scrounged around in all the attorneys’ desks looking for a paperclip holder. Nadda. So she tells me to buy what I need when I shop for my stapler. Man, could I spend a fortune taking care of my NEEDS! LOL

During all this other paralegal and I are talking. We get along fairly well, and talk about our personal lives quite a bit. We have kids the same age and we kind of vent off one another when our sweet darlings tick us off. I asked her when D talked to Boss about working full time and she didn’t know. So we both think it was probably the 6 minutes he was in the office on Wednesday morning. Other paralegal says she’s really surprised that D wants to work fulltime because every time in the past, during the 5 years she worked there, she’s complained about how long the days are when she’s had to work all day to cover and was glad she didn't have to do it all the time. I personally loved it when I worked all day because I knew what was going on and it was easier for me to keep track of things.

By the end of the workday I was tired, hot and sweaty, my hair was frizzy from the humidity and I was starving. Husband said he wanted to eat out so I met him somewhere (I had a salad) and we hit Staples on the way home. I have a brand new stapler and a magnetic paperclip holder for my new desk. Woohoo!

I only took my inbox off D’s desk and left a note apologizing that I was going to have to impose on her a few days and leave my files in the bottom drawer, where they’ve been all this time. I also left the filing box on her desk, and we’ll see where that ends up by the time I get to work on Monday. I figure if it’s on my desk, I’ll know I’ve truly been ‘reorganized’ into a file clerk.

I’m going to try to remain positive about all this. I’ve got to keep my sense of humor or I’ll scream. I am going to write down every single thing I do, every single day, and keep a copy for my own records. This way I’ll have extensive records to prove what I’ve been doing when I start job hunting. I’ve just about convinced myself that I will have to hunt for another job, but am hoping not for awhile, because as I said earlier, there’s a ton of stuff he wants done. I have been lazily looking but will pay more attention now just in case that perfect opportunity arises. This means I need to get my resume updated.

Wanna know what was in my mailbox yesterday? Tons!

My market order from Stitching Bits & Bobs:

Carriage House Samplings Sweet Humility

Order from Vikki Clayton:
Patchwork Sampler by De Haemmaeker (Jan Houtman) and silks (with my name charted)
Ribbons and floss for two of my exchanges

Elegant Stitch:
Physicians flannel and wool felt for finishing my smalls

Bay of Evil auction:
Brightneedle Welcome; Cherished Stitches A Sentimental Needle Book, A Sentimental Scissor Case with Fob and A Sentimental Basket

And the last 2 quilting fat quarters order I was waiting on: 13 FQs of Moda’s Paris Flea Market in Veranda (pale green) and China White. I can’t wait to play with it! It's all wonderful but my favorites have to be the Veranda paisley and the stripe next to it. The thoughts in my head are swirling!

I also received a 2nd issue of October’s Just Cross Stitch magazine. It was shrink wrapped. Weird. My subscription was to have started with August and I’ve called them that August has not arrived and I can no longer find it here. I think I called them on Thursday morning and was told they'd send me another. I need August to finish my Linda Driskell Treasure Box, NOT that I've finished what was in June yet.

So I still have the balance of my VC order (I think only 2 spools of NightMare for The Token), my Wyndham order, and those auctions that haven’t closed and I still need to get some skirtex.

And I've just found out that the colors I'm using for my QQX are inappropriate so I'm going to have to start something else. Rats. I'm finishing the first piece and will share a picture of that since it won't be going anywhere.

Wow. That was a long post! Thanks if you've stuck through all my ramblings. And just so you don’t think I’m unappreciative, thanks for all the hugs and well wishes. They mean a lot to me.

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