Thursday, August 18, 2005
Thursday Thoughts
Thanks again for your wonderful comments.

Can someone please tell me why the first email in my inbox this morning, the day after I publicly announce that I cannot buy any more stash, was a sales notice from Stitching Bits and Bobs? It's cruel (crewel?) and unusual punishment to do that to me before I've even had my first cup of coffee! I guess I should have sent her an email explaining that she can no longer put my favorite designers on sale. Or the fibers I'm trying to collect, either, for that matter. My wish list has grown a bit this morning, but my bank account stays the same.

Last night I finished the stitching portion to my QQX piece. Now I'm preparing it for assembly. I stitched for 2.9 hours yesterday. A true record for me. It's been June since I've had that lengthy of a stitching session. Of course I was watching Fellowship of the Ring and it was 11:00 p.m. by the time I went to bed, but what's a girl to do? I had a rhythm going and I wanted to get the stitching portion done!

The next exchange item I'll be working on will be a redwork something or other. I have been creating in my head, and need to get it on paper. I've also been designing a something or other for a fall exchange I'm in on the Stitching Bloggers Exchange BB. I have a scruptious silk and matching ribbon from Vikki that just screams AUTUMN. I'm going to create this design myself though and use some sampler motifs and initials.

Stash that arrived in yesterday's mailbox: SANQ Vol 1 Hardback Book (I made a killing on this one. It was on eBay and listed funny and only 3 people bid on it...yay me!); Marry Garry We the People and 1804 Mariette Swift & Millenium; Gingher Epaulette scissors; and a FQ each of 40 ct R&R Iced Cappuccino, 30 ct Northern Cross Natural, 28 ct Cashel Flax, 32 ct Belfast Flax, and 35 ct Linen Lambswool (yea, I know, it's a sickness, I tell ya, a sickness!).

And last but nowhere least in my stitching world...I have a stitching date. Lissa and Jill are going to start coming over the 2nd Saturday of the month for a mini stitch together. Lissa and I are going to work on our Long Dog designs. Mine's The Token and last I heard she was thinking of doing Rosemarkie; but I think she should do Paradigm Lost. I am thinking of stitching The Token on white 32 count something or other in Vikki Clayton's NightMare. Of course I have a few other fabrics to choose from and may decide to go with a something completely different. Whatever the fabric, I will definately be using one of Vikki's silks. I am in love with them! Oh, and any of you who are nearby are more than welcome to join us. Just drop me an email beforehand just in case we've had to cancel or reschedule for whatever reason.

I got my fall term books yesterday. 2 of the 3 were used but in excellent condition so I was able to save a bit of money. 2 of the 3 are also not even 1/2" thick but the 3 of them cost me $170. Sigh. Rather depressing considering it's extremely difficult to sell them back because they're phasing out the program. Everytime I whine about this Husband reminds me that they'll make great reference books. Some of them, maybe. Others, I never want to see again! LOL
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