Sunday, August 14, 2005
More organizing blathering
I managed to make it though all my hardback books, 1/4 of my magazines, and one copy paper box of leaflets yesterday. I now have an 18" stack of magazines and hardback books and I don't know how many leaflets ready for eBay. As a test for myself I put 5 magazine auctions up at eBay yesterday.

I now have a huge stack of magazines that contain many of the designs I've been thinking of buying, and an equal amount that I already purchased, instead of taking advantage of my magazine subscription. What a waste of money! I'm going to be going back almost 20 years in one magazine to stitch something by a designer I've recently discovered. There's going to be a lot of over 1 stitching and hopefully a wall full of tiny samplers in glorious frames in my future. Lord knows I have the fabric stash to support it!

I managed to get about half of my dining table cleared this past week. There's now stuff stacked all over my office floor but that will go away by the end of today. I just need to rearrange a couple of boxes to store away the eBay stuff. I'm probably going to post about 20 auctions every weekend.

Husband is trying to talk me into buying 2 different "CD" shelving units instead of the cabinet I chose for my quilting books and fabric. He thinks 2 of them would be sturdier and easier to organize the fabric, than one of the units I chose. The only problem right now though is that it wouldn't have a door on it and I really want the door to protect the fabric from dust. I think he thinks I have as many quilting books as I have stitching books, but I really only have a ton of fabric, and just a few books. I'm no great quilter and will probably only make miniature or lap quilts so I stitck to the basics (and I can't stand applique).

I'll probably be making my last "furniture" trip to Ikea next weekend. Depends on what I get done this week, as for sorting things out.
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