Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Wednesday whimsey
First I'll get to some comments recently left:

Thanks on the congrats on my "A." It took me 4 hours to take the final and about 6 hours of writing for my final essay. It never felt like an "A" to me and seeing that grade was a huge and happy surprise.

Joy, nope not a cat, but I have a LOT of faith in my abilities! LOL

Natalie (and Karen and Becky) The This Too Shall Pass items are complete kits. All you need is something to cut with. They have provided everything, including the lovely little jade scissor fob. Wonderful kits and the instructions are extremely easy to understand.

FaithAnn! I'm crushed that you have no faith in me! LOL Actually I have 5 open auctions on eBay. I've already bid the max I'm willing to go on the items and I'm actually hoping I'll be outbid on all but the magazines I'm bidding on.

I paid for my plane ticket last night and ordered my fall clothes. I'm broke. I've figured out my bills between now and CATS and if I stick faithfully to my budget, I'll be just fine to hunt for whatever I feel like I need while I'm at CATS. And as for what I think I'll need:
  • The French Needle is listed as a vendor. I've drooled over their website many a time but I've never purchased because I don't like that I don't know exactly what I'm getting just from the outside of their books. I'm hoping I can play before I buy at CATS. I'm looking for exquisite alphabets and borders
  • Scissors. I want some reasonably priced scissors that I can maybe give as gifts or keep for display. I don't see myself as a collector of scissors, but I would like to find some nice ones for myself as my memory item of my first CATS...ya know?
  • Fibers, to include ribbon. I'd like to had a few skeins of some silk to my stash. I've only ever had small bits of Gloriana in kits and if it's available there, I'd like to snag some of that. I also want some hand died ribbons for the smalls I have dancing around in my head.
  • Fabric....just kidding!
  • Stuff. Having never been to CATS before I really don't know what is actually available. I need some finishing items, but I don't know if any of the vendors will have that.

And that's it. I honestly cannot think of a single design that I want right now. So far there's only been one thing I've seen released at Charlotte that I want, and I pre-ordered it because I knew it was going to be released.

I guess I need to get busy and get stuff listed on eBay.

I still have a ton of stuff strewn all over the floor in my office. I need to get it picked up and put away this week since classes start back up next week and I'll have less time to stitch, much less play in my stash. I paid for my tuition and books this term, so I'm going to pester Husband to pay me back by purchasing the rest of my shelving/organizing stuff and give me money for CATS. Does that not sound fair?!?

Oh and for those who have wondered, yes Husband supports me financially. He pays all the bills except for our phones and my CCs. If I need money, I only have to ask, but it's hard for me to do so! I've just always been an independent person and I usually was the one with the largest paycheck. Then about 5 years ago I decided that I wasn't going to do what I was doing anymore. I have worked for the Marine Corps or Air Force for 15 years. It was a joint decision between the two of us that I would quit working for a few years and go back to school. I lasted almost 2 years not having a paycheck of my own. When I'd finally depleted my savings account I decided to get a part time job and started working in the college bookstore. From there I went to work at the law firm, but I've only ever worked part time. Until school is over that's the way I want it. I love that I have until 1:00 off everyday and from here on out I'll probably only have night classes so it'll stay that way. This gives me plenty of wide awake homework time and my house stays decent looking and the laundry stays caught up (not to mention I can stitch every now and then).

Have a great hump day.

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