Monday, August 22, 2005
When nothingness prevails
What did I do yesterday? Nothing! Unless you want to count stitching for 3.5 hours throughout the day and checking out the BBs and reading some blogs and bathing, pedicuring and playing with Bandit. I didn't do any dishes, any laundry and the only housework I did was to toss some towels in the wash that Son put in the dryer when he wanted to wash some of his own clothes. Okay wait. I lied. I went to the grocery store, put the groceries away, made chili dogs for lunch and put a pot roast, new potatoes, baby carrots and rice pudding on to cook, so I guess it wasn't a total nothing day afterall. Of course that means I had a sink full of dishes waiting in the kitchen this morning, but they're already being washed, a load of laundry is in the dryer and another load is in the washer and I'm almost through my first cup. I am a true morning person.

I have completely finished the stitching portion and assemby portion of my QQX. I need to embellish it a teensy bit, which means I need to go to Joanns for a couple of buttons. I immediately went back to stitching on BC July Sings and am about to get started on that again this morning while doing some laundry.

I'm anxious to get to work. I decided over the weekend to start going in earlier to work. I was doing that when I first started working there for turnover purposes. Boss told me that he didn't mind my working a little extra time everyday. I quit doing it about 3 months ago because there was really no need. I knew what I was doing by then and it was awkward standing around for 15-30 minutes without a desk. Now that I have my own desk, I’m going to start going in earlier this week and depending on how that goes, even earlier next week. I can use the money and am going to be religious about putting the extra bits toward my CC balance.

Oops, my timer just went off reminding me it’s time to get off the computer. I’m trying to get myself back into my FLY routine this week since school is starting for me tomorrow.
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