Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Let's complain about night sweats
of a different sort. It was so hot in class last night that I could hardly stand it. We’re in one of the computer labs (no idea why) and for some reason someone in the class before turned the a/c up high. Add to that 15 people who had to introduce themselves in a room full of heat generating CPUs and it was so stuffy, I started to feel the walls moving in at one point. Of course that made me sweat more because I was nervous I was going to pass out!

I really like the professor. She has a wicked sense of humor, sarcastic as hell and tells it like it is without any sugar coating. This is going to be one of those big-girls-only classes. We’ll see rather quickly who has thin skin. She gave us a 3-page syllabus. There’s a test almost every week, a mid-term, non-cumulative final, cumulative notebook due at end of term, several statutes and cases to IRAC and something else I cannot remember right now.

Back to the computer room, the first thing I asked was if it would bother her if we typed while she talked. I can type 90 cwpm so can take a LOT of notes behind a keyboard. Now, where did I put that thumb drive?

It sucks getting home after 10 p.m. though. I can't go straight to bed, or rather I could, but I'd lay there for an hour trying to fall asleep.

I still haven’t heard back from my professor advisor about those 2 classes I wanted to challenge. The first one met Monday night; the other one met last night before my Elder Law class. Guess I won’t be taking them this term no matter what his decision. Sigh. If he says “no” that will put me behind 2 classes and I’ll have to double up next term. I’ll worry about it a bit later. I’m going to give him 2 more weeks to answer me then I’m going to camp out in front of one of his classrooms and get vocal about his not answering phone calls and emails.

Tonight is my Constitutional Law (Civil Liberties) class. I’ve already decided my final paper will be on eminent domain and I’m looking forward to getting into it, especially after the Kelo matter. Would you believe the New London folks are now suing for back rent! We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars in addition to losing homes that at least one person has lived in for almost 80 years!

Work was okay. I worked on one of the projects Boss assigned me last week for 3.5 hours and still didn’t get it all finished. It’s waiting for me to show back up tomorrow. I put the word out in class tonight that I was probably going to be looking for another part time job and I’m hoping someone in class will have a lead. As to my attitude about the job, I really like working there. There's only one person who gets on my last nerve and I'm usually able to tune them out. The pay is okay, and I like the hours since it helps with school; however, I think the final straw of my staying or going on my own will be whether or not I get a pay increase. I plan on asking for it this coming Friday. If he says 'no' I'll just start looking more intensely for another part time position.

Care - I'm a couch potato procrastinator too if I don't use my timer. If I break whatever huge thing needs to be done down into smaller bits I don't get overwhelmed.

I only stitched for .8 hours yesterday, but that was enough to finish July Sings and start August Rings. I may get caught up on my Snappers, yet! I'll catch up on my finished photos after August Rings. In my mailbox yesterday was the premium NightMare from Vikki Clayton for The Token and August Just Cross Stitch and the newest Keepsake Quilting catalog. I think the auctions end today.
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