Thursday, January 13, 2005
You're not going to freaking believe this!
Husband got an email from the monitor today (copying every freaking person AGAIN!) wanting to change Husband's orders from Japan to New Orleans! He has until NEXT Friday to decide what he wants to do!

Can I just scream now please?!?!?!?! Will this butthead quit screwing around with our lives!!!!!!

All I know is the New Orleans Marine wants to go to Japan and monitor Marine wrote that he hopes the two of them can work it out between them; that no matter what he does only 10% of the people aren't going to be happy (there's only 10 of them idiot).

Husband has informed his SgtMaj of what is going on and he wants to write th monitor Marine. Husband thinks monitor Marine has been planning this all along but put it off knowing the SgtMaj of the Marine Corps was here yesterday and didn't want Husband to have any other ammunition to use against him.

That scream is getting closer to the surface.

Husband has been making notes all afternoon and is going to write monitor Marine back on Monday (copying everyone) that he wants to know why he has to be the 10% that's not happy when he's SENIOR to "I'm-not-healthy-enough-to-deploy" Marine, only he's going to use his real name.

I need a Bloomin' Onion. And a beer. And maybe chocolate. No wait, a Sheila's Lemon Drop would be better than beer. He picked the wrong TOM to do this, not that anytime is a good time, but today is really not good.
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