Sunday, January 09, 2005
Rain, rain, go away!
The water was never turned off Saturday. I think it was because of the rain, but don't accept that as an excuse. Hello! You're going to have lots of water anyway, so get it over with and quit inconveniencing me!

The great thing about the rain is the 3 of us hung out at the house all day. Husband killed people on the computer. Son did some laundry. Husband worked out. Son killed people on the computer. Son and I watched Star Wars 4 & 5 while I stitched. Bandit snuggled with me in the chair most of the day, when he wasn't attacking Son (he's so ferocious).

I stitched. I updated my webpage. I rearranged my blog some.

I pulled out Spring Queen and I stitched some more! I am, indeed, making great progress on my January stitching goals. I think I may have also found the fabric for my Christmas tree skirt.

I found an online source to order the 3 buttons I need to finish Delivering Summer and they're on sale! Less than $5, including postage. I also found a LNS that's going out of business and ordered 48 Weeks Dye Works and 13 GASTs for 50% off, among other things that I'm not sure they have (I already have confirmation on the fibers, though). This will put my stash budget in a deficit, but it was too great a deal to pass up considering what my stash buying goals were for 2005. I'll have to put me up a little sign on the left over there reminding me that I've already spent several month's worth of stash budget.

During a 2-second lull in the rain I walked to the mailbox and yippee! my Bent Creek Monthly Snappers order was there. So I organized that and added it to my stash program, then I created a new banner for The Silver Lining BB and then I stitched some more until Husband went and got pizza. Oh, and then I stitched some more while we watched the Chargers play. I'm happy they made it to the playoffs even if they did lose in overtime.

Two more games today and more stitching time, but I'll have to take time to do some grocery shopping today. I think I'll make chili for dinner so I won't have to fuss over anything.

And for Sunday Brunch we're Painting!

1) What color (or colors) is your home painted on the interior?

Good old government issue white.

2) What color (or colors) is your home painted on the exterior?

Good old government issue grey.

3) If you could paint your car any color with no loss in value, what color would it be?

I love my little bumble-beemer just the way it is! Yellow and black.

4) Do you paint your fingernails and toenails? What is your favorite color for each if you do?

No to fingernails, and if I get a pedicure they're painted "french."

5) Have you ever played paintball? Have you ever wanted to?

No I haven't played and I've never wanted to. I would only point a gun at someone or something for 2 reasons. They're trying to harm me or mine, or need to be dead and on my plate for dinner.
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