Thursday, January 06, 2005
Wingnut Wannabe spotted
As I was getting ready to leave work last night, I called Husband to see if he wanted to go out and grab a quick bite somewhere and get some minor shopping errands taken care of, or did I need to just stop for Bandit food on the way home. Husband: I'll have to take the surfboard out of the car first. Me: You have a surfboard? Husband: We need taller ceilings. Me: You blew the chance for those when you decided to take a tropical island vacation. Husband: The kid at the surfshop said my board is perfect for 2-3 foot waves and when he asked me where those were I told him Okinawa Japan. He said "duuuuude." Me: Cool. Husband: I can't leave it in the garage. Me: Why, is it going to get dirty? Husband: You've got to see it! It's so pretty! Me: It's a surfboard. Husband: It's a Wingnut! Me: I'll see you in a few minutes.

Now, for those of you who are not surfboard savvy, Wingnut is the surfing nickname of Robert August, who starred in a couple of surfboard documentaries called "Endless Summer." We have these movies and they've been watched and sighed over and probably drooled upon several times over the holidays. Some of Son's surfing friends have even take time out of their busy schedules to watch them with Husband. Nothing like a bunch of young, suntanned and buffed surfer dudes laying around on the floor of your living room.

So last night I did a whole lot of ooooing and aaaaing over a piece of Styrofoam that has a $700 paint job and then I did this and sometimes felt like as I listed to all this stuff, including Husband telling Bandit he's lucky he wasn't named Wingnut. That's when I gave Husband and told him it was time to eat dinner.

I hope he never grows up.

The SgtMaj is here today. I asked Husband if he was going to see him today (this was last night) and he said he'd forgotten that he was going to be here today and that he has the gas chamber this morning. Okay, color me ticked off. Isn't this important to him anymore? It's certainly still important to me and I told him I'd go see the SgtMaj. He made some lame comment about not wanting his orders canceled again and getting new ones to Cherry Point. Well, I don't want that either, but I certainly hope my husband is not going to turn into one of the people I despise the most. Those that talk big but don't act upon their words when the time comes. It took a lot of effort on my part to not tell him that.

And, I almost forgot to say my grades have finally been posted for last term! I finished with a 3.727 GPA! Woohoo me!

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