Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Here comes the sun
little darlin' Here comes the sun...sorry, just couldn't help singing! I see blue sky! Woohoo! And the sun. It burns, it burns us, precious! I'm looking out my home office window and I see clear, blue sky. Thank you!

I decided to keep stitching on Spring Queen until she's finished. Last night I finished the medallion on her sash, the beading on the bouquet ribbon and started the beading the leaves on her skirt. Once she's finished, my plan is to work on Spirit of the Heart. It's been awhile since I had the design out and if I remember correctly it shouldn't take me too much time to finish it. It's all in lovely pale shades of pink and lilac and green and has beautiful pearlescent beads on it.

I only stitched for about an hour because Son's friend C came over and they took over the TV to play a video game. We kind of live by "you move you lose" around here and I could have pushed the point, since I only left for a couple of minutes, but it was no big deal. The game has horrid language in it and I didn't feel like staying, plus it was almost bed time anyway so I checked my email one last time and surfed a little bit.

Son's proof of insurance arrived yesterday. The company has automatically sent to DMV whatever form they wanted so I'm hoping Son will go to DMV today to get his license back. I see C stayed the night so I'm hoping he'll give Son a ride over. He's a good kid and Bandit has given him the seal of approval. He goes nuts everytime C comes over.

I have an appointment with the financial aide counselor this morning so I'll get all my aide straightened out for school. They're still showing a credit to me for what I have already paid and I'd like to get that money back ASAP and put it toward a CC since I have not been used to having it. I also need to get my parking pass, and see if my books are ready to be picked up. I get a knot in my stomach everytime I think about that stupid Math class. It occurred to me a couple of days ago that Husband won't be here the whole term to help me out, plus if I do decided to 'walk' in May he won't be here for that either :(

I got on the scale this morning and am down a whole 1.4# I should have waited until Friday. I've been trying harder than norm this week and am anxious about the scale. Next week I'll be adding cardio back in 1 day at a time as I see how my schedule develops around school.
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