Friday, January 14, 2005
What a difference a day makes....NOT!
The sun is still shining, the temperatures have dropped, Bandit is snuggled in his bed and I'm still ticked off.

Last night we talked ourselves to death again. Food is great therapy, as is beer. I drove, so I was good. But I didn't enjoy the meal as I usually do because of the knot in my stomach. Bandit was happy to see us walking in the door with a large doggie bag.

The mental torture of all this is the worst. I hate the thought of us being so far apart for so very long, but I have mentally prepared myself for it because I hope in the end a lot of good will come of it. I think Husband has been mentally prepared, too. Now, moron monitor Marine is messing with that mental calmness again, only he doesn't have the balls to take care of things himself. Make a freaking decision moron! His last paragraph was that if Husband and New Orleans Marine cannot work something out between them, the orders will stand as they are now. Okay, that makes absolutely no sense to me unless he's trying to create ill feeling between the two of them. Leave them alone. And why are you emailing everyone?

Husband thinks his Captain wrote the LtCol in charge of Moron Marine yesterday wanting to know what the hell is going on. And isn't it all lovely that this is happening again right before a holiday weekend! How convenient.

And as for I'm-not-healthy-enough-to-be-a-Marine Marine, Husband thinks he went and had his knee operated on to get the orders here. He said he knows this guy has complained of knee problems in the past and done nothing about those problems. This guy is friends with another worthless Marine who's done the same thing and Husband just thinks this is what has happened. Speculation on his part only.

This morning when Husband left to work I got a "oh well, I guess I'd better get to work" followed by a half-hearted kiss. Normally it's "Bye! I'll see you tonight!" all chipper and everything. The slump that he's now in ticks me off more than anything else about this situation. He's my rock. My Eagle. My Globe. My Anchor. I cannot keep myself grounded if he's not there to stabilize me.
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