Friday, October 15, 2004
I hate it when Husband is right
Okay, either Husband was right and I was dehydrated, or I've been sick long enough it's time to be well. I feel so much better today! I drank Sprite and water all day yesterday and only had one cup of tea, so no caffeine, plus I skipped my BP meds since they also act as a diuretic. Added some potasium and only felt nauseous once yesterday. This morning I don't ache at all and there's only a small hint of a headache. Please, please, please be gone!

I’m getting weird!

It all started when a certain princess had her son disappear, so I’m going to blame it on her.

I have NEVER been a kid person. I’ve mentioned here before that Husband and I love Son very much, but if we had it to do over again neither of us would have had children. We figured out very quickly after bringing Son home that we weren’t quality-parenting material.

Well, I’m falling in love with babies! And before you gasp, not the type of falling in love where I want to have one, but falling in love where I think they’re cute, and special and cuddly, etc. Maybe falling in love is not the right terminology here, but something is definitely going on.

It broke my heart what the princess and her family went through. I’ve never met her face to face but I’ve shared things with her and many other wonderful people on the Bulletin Boards I’ve frequented over the past 5-6 years. You get to know people after ‘talking’ to them and reading about them that long. Anyway, I found myself feeling more caring toward certain people both on the BBs and IRL.

Now all of the sudden all of these ladies are having babies! I mean one right after the other and some of them even due on the same day! I find myself searching everywhere I can think to see if they’ve been heard from when they don’t post for a day or two. This is just not like me!

Is this mellowing with age? Am I becoming what I worried I would not be? Grandmother material? Not that I want to be a grandmother at my young age (I heard all those eyerolls), but I have worried with the way I’ve felt about kids that I would not be a good grandmother. I want to be the kind of grandmother that my mom is, and until now I just could not picture myself being so.

But please, don’t tell Son that I’m thinking this way. I don’t want to put anything into his head, at least until he’s graduated and gotten that excellent job as an underwater archeologist and married a sweet girl who’s in love with cross stitch.


1] Do you consider yourself a physically fit person? Why/why not?

Snort! Suuuuure! NOT! I’m horribly overweight. Why? See blog on sweating.

2] What are your favorite types of exercise? Do you have any favorite sports that you enjoy participating in, and how often do you work out?

Actually I’m not a lazy person who sits around all day long alternating between stitching and stuffing my face with potato chips and bonbons while the soaps are on. I enjoy getting out and walking on the beach, snorkeling, horseback riding, shopping for purses. I just don’t do it anymore because I’ve gotten so overweight – except for shopping for purses. And the only reason I no longer shop for purses is because my bank account is anorexic!

3] Do you follow any special eating plans, diets, nutritional philosophies, weight-loss goals, etc.? Why or why not? How long have you been doing so, and have you had success with them?

I do have weight-loss goals. I’d like to lose some weight so I can stop taking my blood pressure meds and just feel better.

4] What would you most like to change about your physical appearance? Which features of your body do you like the most?

I’d like to go from looking like a round person to someone with a waist again. Do eyes and hair count as features? I have long eyelashes and healthy hair.

5] Do you feel that it's important to encourage children to become involved in sports? Why/why not? Did you participate in athletics when you were growing up?

I’ve always encouraged Son to be active and used the excuse that I didn’t want him overweight like me. He has an excellent example in his father, who’s fit as a Marine.

When I was growing up I competed in ice skating, swimming and softball and trained in Okinawa-n (original) Karate as an adult.
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