Monday, October 11, 2004
Stash enhancement
Every stitcher's dream - free stash

You've just been given a $100 gift certificate to buy anything cross stitch or needlework related - what would you spend it on right now?

A couple of Chessie & Me charts and fibers! I so want to add to my overdyed collection. There are so many charts out there that I have fallen in love with that call for overdyeds or DMC and I want to stitch them in the overdyeds.

I've decided to go on the drive with Husband today. I need to read 2 chapters and do one homework problem for my civ lit class tonight (I still can't believe I have to go to class tonight). Son has to be dropped off by 10:00 this morning and if we leave right after that we'll be back in plenty of time for me to finish my work before tonight's class.

I'm just about finished with my buggie. I need to stitch 2 symbols in a couple of places and then backstitch it. If I were to stay home today that would be a piece of cake, but I probably won't finish it until Tuesday night.

My stomach finally felt better by dinnertime last night. I don't know what was wrong, but it didn't feel good.

Keep your fingers crossed! String is on sale at Michaels this week and I'm going to twist Husband's arm to buy me some. His framing should be ready this week too.
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