Wednesday, October 06, 2004
A really late start to the day
I did not get my lazy self out of bed until 8:30 this morning so I was behind before I even got started. That is SO not like me and all I can think is that I finally had to get a bunch of sleep due to the large amount of studying for tests that I’ve been doing. Would you believe I had another one yesterday in Business English!?!? I’ll say this much for the professor, she wants to be sure that when she drops the 3 lowest grades, there are plenty more to make up for it! Oh, and I made a 100% on this one.

I am almost afraid to be proud of myself. I cannot believe how well I’m doing working 20 hours a week and taking 5 classes! I’m so afraid something’s going to happen and it’s all going to crash around my ears.

I purchased what I think was my last stash obligation for the year. The 4th Dyer’s Pack from SMF. I’ve received some beautiful fabrics and fibers in the packs and have been looking forward to stitching with them. I will NOT be participating in 2005.

I also received the 2003 JCS Christmas Ornament magazine in the mail, thanks to a non-blogging (I think) blog reader. Now my collection is complete. I don’t know how I missed getting it last year! I’m looking forward to raiding my stash and stitching several of them. Of course this requires stitching, of which I have been doing very little lately!

And a confession. Sigh. I caved and purchased some items from Keepsake NeedleArts. I bought Thea Gouverneur’s Bumblebee kit, a beaded scissor fob kit and Organized Expressions. I deleted 4 other things before completing my order. Does Organized Expressions count? I had the original, first time it ever came out version, but it’s so no big enough for my stash collection. I’m justifying, aren’t I?

When Husband picks up his framing from Michaels I’m going to have him buy me $10 worth of floss. I have several ornaments I want to stitch and I’m going to be in an ornament RR, so the floss will be pulled first from my stash and fortified by my Michaels purchase. I’m justifying again, aren’t I?

Well, I am a woman. Isn’t that allowed?

I started making up my daily to-do checklists. There are so many little things that need to be done during the day, that the only way for me to remember them is to list them. I’m also going to be more faithful to my timer, since I get in here and get on this computer and the next thing I know my morning is gone and nothing has gotten done.

I was by myself at work today. I got a pretty good bit done. One of the attorneys needed an Order typed up for Court tomorrow and of course he decides he needed to dictate it to me at 4:55. Thank goodness I can type like the wind. I just had him dictate it to me while I typed and I was out of there by 5:15. Yeah me.

I’m 20 hours short of completing the time required for my internship. I still have a couple of goals and objectives to meet, but I’m going to try and negotiate a raise with my boss as soon as those 20 hours are taken care of.

And some wonderful financial news for me today. It has taken me almost 4 years to get the Thrift Savings Plan people off their butts and get my information updated so I can access my account. I didn’t have any up to date paperwork on my account and had no idea how much money I had put aside for when Husband retires. Well, today I got the final bit of info I needed (a PIN) and accessed my account. $18,000+

Sweeeeeet Dreams!
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