Friday, October 08, 2004
Go see Ladder 49
Husband got a Marine Liaison to personally go down to MCRD and take care of his Marine so we got to have movie night tonight preceded by a romantic Taco Bell dinner J Great movie that played on all my emotions.

Woohoo TGIF! It’s Friday Forum:

1] Seeing: What's the most beautiful piece of artwork that you've ever seen in person? Where was it, and when? Why does it stand out in your mind?

I really can’t name just one. Husband and I went to an Armand Hammer showing in Palm Spring about 17 years ago. There were so many artists represented in his collection - Gauguin, Monet, Manet, I can still remember being awed by the size of Sargent’s “Dr Pozzi” and the feeling of wonder, as I knew I could stretch my hand out and touch a drawing by Michelangelo. My father is an artist so I have always grown up going to galleries, and this is the one time I got to impress him with what I was seeing. Since it’s been so long since I saw that exhibit and can still remember it so vividly, I guess it made a huge impression on me.

And since we're talking art on this day in 1938 Norman Rockwell published his famous self-portrait in the Saturday Evening Post.

2] Hearing: How would you describe the sound of your voice? When it's played back for you, do you like the sound of it? Do you feel that your voice is similar to anyone else's?

I hate the sound of my voice! LOL I know few people who will admit to liking theirs. I think I sound like a child. Since I was raised mostly in the south and living in California, I do NOT think my voice sounds like anyone else’s.

3] Tasting: Are there any foods or beverages that most people seem to like, but you just don't seem to have a taste for?

My husband swears Caramel Macciato (or however you spell that) is the most delicious thing he’s ever had, of course he also love okra and I can’t stand that either.

4] Touching: Would you consider yourself a "touchy-feely" person, or do you prefer staying within your own personal "zone" most of the time? Do you often give/receive hugs, offer handshakes, or greet others with a kiss on the cheek?

I like my personal “zone” but I also believe in giving hugs when needed. With my family I'm very touchy-feely, we all are. I’m usually the first person to stick out my hand and I cannot stand it when a man gives me a limp fish handshake. I think a lot of them do it though because I’m a woman and they don’t want to crush my hand. Puleeze! I don’t do the kiss thing unless it’s immediate family.

5] Smelling: Do you wear perfume/cologne? What kind? Do you have a particular favorite? What fragrances do you tend to prefer?

Right now the only fragrance I wear is from the shower gel and body spray I use in the morning. Either Amber Romance or Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret. I also have a couple of colognes in my cabinets but haven’t used them in awhile.

This time last year I was fretting over Son having totaled my car. I find I’m still miffed about it, but it’s probably more from the car or rather driving issues that are NOT happening now. I was also stitching on Spring Queen, which I haven’t touched in a very long time, and I was also talking about how thick the marine layer had been. Just these few things alone show me that things don’t change much! LOL

I had a very productive day at work yesterday. I so wish I could share two of the cases I’m working on because they started out so very different from one another and now are so parallel, it’s eerie! I can say that restraining orders have been issued in both cases and that started out dealing with real estate matters. You just never know! I guess that’s why I love doing this type of work so much. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I got back into it. I leave the office every day almost wishing I could be there 8 hrs a day instead of 4. I really hate leaving work sometimes and it would be so easy to slip back into the workaholic ways I had when I worked in a firm in South Carolina. It also helps that I really like who I’m working for.
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