Tuesday, October 12, 2004
Don't make me move
Yesterday we took our drive up to Julian for lunch. It takes about an hour or more to get there depending on how fast you drive, or how slow the person in front of you who's driving a clunker with 10 people in it and who refuses to use the turnouts drives.

We left at 11:00. The sun was shining, the top was down and I felt like dozing the whole way. Clue number 1. I was stiff when I climbed out of the car, but I just thought it was from sitting for so long, plus the weather was kind of cool Clue number 2. When we decided upon an eatery I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to eat because nothing looked appetizing. Clue number 3. I ended up with a BLT that was really good except the tomatoes didn't have much taste to them. Husband had a club and he said his tomatoes were delicious. Clue number 4. Julian is famous for its apple pie. I love apple pie. The thought of eating apple pie after the BLT was not appetizing. I didn't even buy one to take home! Clue number 5. We browsed a couple of shops and ventured into the Town Hall for their ongoing craft fair, but my heart really wasn't in it. All the way back down the mountain I had the feeling I was going to lose my lunch. Clue number 6. Straight home and to my office to prepare for my class and I couldn't keep my eyes open to study so I told Husband to wake me up after I took a quick nap. It's 4:00, I really shouldn't be napping this late. Clue number 7. I took my temp and it was 101. No longer clueless! And no longer planning on going to class.

I ached so badly last night that it hurt to walk (ankles and knees) hurt to stand up straight (lower back), lifting my arms was near impossible (shoulders) and I couldn't make a fist (fingers and wrists). And to top it off my face was sunburned from driving 3 hours with the top down on the car.

I got a bad case of the chills, the teeth chattering stomach quivering kind, and put myself to bed, where I woke up every hour sweating.

This morning I'm not quite as stiff, but I still have a temp so I'm not going to Business English. I feel a little guilty skipping the class before a major test but we're studying plurals and possessives, and I'm sorry, but this part of English I know. It's a pet peeve of mine.

And one more thing before I sign off......

GO ASTROS!!!! (sorry A).
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