Thursday, October 14, 2004
I'm so tired of being so tired
This is a whine warning.

I'm an awful patient. I went to work yesterday and basically did nothing. I met with my attorney and had a portion of my intern eval done and he gave me two books on corporate law that he considers primers. So I mostly sat at my desk yesterday afternoon reading one of them. Just walking across the parking lot to my building made me sweat, but other than feeling weak I felt okay. I even was hungry for dinner and suffer no affects from that.

This morning I'm sick to my stomach and munching on saltines. I have a major exam today or I might be tempted to not go to class. I know I'm dehydrated since I woke up this morning with a horrendous headache and my mouth glued shut so instead of turning on the coffee pot I'm drinking water...a little at a time since it makes my stomach turn. I just feel ugh! and I hate it.

I want to crawl back in bed.

Oh and Taneya's baby is due tomorrow, not yesterday (so embarrassed) I wrote it on my calendar wrong :(

10:50 update

I'm back from my test. It was exhausting for me to walk across that parking lot and I was sweating and shaking when I got to the classroom. Even my table mate noticed and said I didn't look so good. I just don't understand why I feel like I do and that's what's so bad about the way I feel. As for the test, I don't think I made a 100 since I couldn't concentrate and all I could think about was getting it over and out of there.

I stopped at the store on the way home and bought myself a Sprite and some chicken noodle soup. Mmmm MMmm Good. I'm hungry now, but the actual eating part makes me feel nauseous.

Oh and Husband got a call that his framing is ready for pick up so we're going to Michaels to buy string! Woohoo! It's the little things in life ;)
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