Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Stitching and stashing
I stitched on Castle Sampler last night. I haven’t stitched on it in a couple of weeks and even last night I didn’t stitch enough to feel it warrants a progress picture, but if I don’t post one, I’ll never be able to compare this time from last time, to next time, etc. So I’ll do that tonight when I get home from work and switch over to my Tuesday - Friday piece.

This week I’ll be working on the Spot RR piece instead of Justine. I may be making a small change to my rotation and only stitching on Justine Tuesday - Thursday, and stitching on a new smaller piece on Fridays. All 3 of my projects are kind of large and while I absolutely love stitching on each one, I also love the gratification of a finished piece. I have several small designs in my stash that could fill that slot. The first one will probably be Carriage House Samplings’ Samplermaker from her Tavern Signs leaflet.

Now to my market report. With the exception of a couple of things this will be the end of my stash buying until after graduation (see my ticker in the right column). While I have the money for my plane ticket and lodging all saved up, I need to start putting away some eating and stashing money for my trip to Paris :) Here’s the damage:

La-D-Da - Mocking Bird - I love her little "song" designs.

Hillside Samplings - Folk Art Needleworke Tray, etc. - I started collecting her annual release a few years ago and love them. Haven't stitched any of the stuff that comes with the woodwork tho! LOL

Carriage House Samplings - A Quaker Study - I'm probably going to stitch this in browns.

Pine Mountain, Tie One On - The Best Things - I've always thought these little pillows were cute, but when I saw this one I just had to have it.

I also received some NPIs for Houses of Hawk Run Hollow and these are one of the items I’ll continue to purchase in small quantities over a period of time (when they’re on sale) until I have them all. The other item is the automatic for Blackbird Designs Loose Feather.

I have a couple of items on backorder and will post them when they arrive.

Thank you for the “easy does it” comments. I am trying, but it’s hard! I just want to get out there and do stuff because I feel so much better after surgery. I hate it when my body reminds me it’s still healing on the inside. Next week I will be back to work full time and will begin easing my body back into exercising as well by hitting the treadmill at night.

It’s raining here today. Perfect weather for sitting home and stitching, but I’m at work. I miss sitting at home and stitching already! LOL

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