Sunday, January 14, 2007
Justine Day 8 and FAS
Here's a really bad photo of Justine after 8 days of stitching. This is pages 1, 2 and half of page 3. Just to give you an idea of how wide it's going to be, there are 4 pages across.

I was under the weather yesterday so no Saturday stitching, but I will be starting French Alphabet Sampler as soon as I make this post. Since this is my Saturday/Sunday project, I imagine it will take me awhile to stitch it. Once I finish Justine, I'll make this my Tuesday - Friday project and will put another WIP in for Saturday and Sunday. I want to clear out a couple of WIPs before I start anything new. I'm not really participating in guilt free January, so I'm not starting a bunch of things this month.

The other new starts I have planned for 2007 are Mother's Tree by TIAG, My Son by Indigo Rose and a Spot RR which starts in February. If my rotation works out I'll keep the new starts as my Saturday/Sunday projects until my Tuesday-Friday project is finished and then move it over, etc.

Harley is finally starting to adjust to her collar. We've even gotten her to go potty with it on; however, it's rather comical to watch her try to go and scratch at the collar at the same time. She got her micro-chip this past Tuesday. Poor baby, it left a hole in her back and made me feel like a heel to see the blood. And she's been able to jump up on our bed twice. Takes her a few times to get up there though. She's full of attitude and will bark at the big dogs. When they bark back she runs to the back door. Bandit is adjusting to Harley. He still rough houses with her a little more than we like but he's not being as rough with her. She's a typical little sister in that she bugs him when he want to be left alone and the look on his face is usually something like "She's touching me again." Today is pedicure day. Oh joy!

Last, but certainly not least...Geaux Saints!
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